photo myworld20 300rgb Trends: Bieber Cant Beat Lady Gaga
© Pamela Littky/UMG

The battle is on the see whether Justin Bieber can beat Lady Gaga to the one billion mark on YouTube, but it looks like listeners have already made their preferences known. Trends reveals who’s on top.

First up, it’s worth leveling the playing field. Lady Gaga has been in the spotlight a lot longer than Bieber, so their total plays were never really going to match up. Even so, the Pop Queen’s 86,118,945 plays totally dwarfs Justin Bieber’s 7,134,564.

No, a fair fight might be found in more recent plays. Taking a look at their top three tracks in the last seven days might be a better comparison.

gaga bieber 001 Trends: Bieber Cant Beat Lady Gaga

Ouch. Bieber gets beaten across the board. Although his songs “Somebody To Love,” “Baby” and “One Time” scrobble very closely, they just can’t beat the likes of “Alejandro,” “Telephone,” and “Bad Romance.”

In fact, you have to Gaga’s twenty second most-played track – “Disco Heaven” – before you can find a song that Bieber can beat. Justin’s videos might draw a lot of viewers, but the little monsters definitely rule the playlists.

Discover more of the news in scrobbles every day at Trends, and make your music count at now.


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