Glee giftsDo you have a Gleek on your holiday shopping list? They have the latest CD, the box set and even the Sue Sylvester megaphone. They have EVERYTHING…. so you think. Whether you’re shopping for a hard to please Sue or an easily entertained Britney, here are 10 Glee Gifts for the diehard Gleeks. These are gifts superfans of “Glee” would slushie their own mothers for.10. Glee Second Life Cheerleader OutfitIt’s practically impossible to find a Quinn Fabray cheer outfit in real life, BUT finding one in Second Life is easy. This amazing piece is only $350 in RL dollars and $1.35 in US dollars. It comes in TV accurate, dance and sexy. Get a matching set for your guild from the Real Life Marketplace. It’s the next best thing to actually getting a real life.glee cheerleader seconds life 10 Christmas Gifts For Hard Core Gleeks9. Britney QuotesBritney has the best one liners in the whole show. Get the best of the best from Etsy’s Winemaker’s Sister shop for only $4.95 (not including shipping and handling). The store also stocks cards As Sue Cs It and Kurt Speaks (“I’m Kurt Hummel and I’ll be auditioning for the role of Kicker”).glee brit cards 10 Christmas Gifts For Hard Core Gleeks8. Glee Magic Eight BallWondering if you should ask your crush out, refinance your house or if the beefy football player in Math class is constantly beating you up because he’s secretly in love with you? Just check with this magic eight ball. The only thing it won’t tell you is if Mr. Schuester perms his hair. Get it now for $12.95 from Fox.picture 13 10 Christmas Gifts For Hard Core Gleeks7. Glee TicketsThis summer the cast is embarking on a world tour. Tickets are now available for dates in Manchester, London and Dublin (June 22-July 3). Remember, you’re not a real Gleek until you get some stage sweat from Puck. Here’s fan captured video from the group’s LA concert last May. Prices vary.6. Glee NovelYes, there’s a young adult novel making the teen experience of the Glee Club even more overly dramatic and delicious. This prequel to the show is available in paperback and only $9.99.  Be warned. This book is practically guaranteed to get your inner Gleek into writing fan fiction.picture 40 10 Christmas Gifts For Hard Core Gleeks5. Glee Pet TagsEven though Principal Figgins is gone, everybody loves his replacement Principal Wiggins.  These adorable presents are only $16 and available on Amazon.picture 39 10 Christmas Gifts For Hard Core Gleeks4. Glee iPhone AppAre you broke? Are you cheap? Are you sick of “Glee” gifts yet? If you want to go low rent, but high tech, the “Glee” iPhone app is perfect for your nearest and dearest. It’s free, and you can sneak  it on your Gleek’s iPhone or iPad. Thanks to the good folks of Mashable for walking us through it… and discovering this amazing video.3. Glee Board GameIs your tweenager singing Journey songs and hiking up her cheerleading uniform? Give her the Glee board game. Finally her endless knowledge of 1980s hits can go to good use.  Get it fast. It’s already sold out at, but we found it on Amazon for around $10.Glee Game2. Glee: Karaoke RevolutionNow is your chance to upstage Rachel with Glee: Karaoke Revolution. Watch the trailer below.  Chances are the drama queen in your life is dying to belt out a little Queen. Prices vary, but it’s available in most stores for under $100.1. http://www.ChrisColfer.comChris Colfer plays audience favorite Kurt Hummel.  His domain is for sale now on eBay for 29 more days. The starting bid is a mere $9,999. Sure, this borders on stalking and is more than most down payments for a house,  but if you have a hardcore Gleek on your Christmas list this is the ultimate gift… next to an actual song and dance routine from the man himself.Glee Music Volume 4Tune in to “Glee” each Tuesday (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. For more info on “GLEE” The Music visit: In the mean time, catch up on all the greatest “Glee” hits on “Glee” Radio.launcher glee sue 2 10 Christmas Gifts For Hard Core Gleeks


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