christmas cat Top 10 Cute Christmas Cats

If you’ve ever had a cat or been around one at Christmas time, you know one thing is for sure: they’re going to ruin everything. On the bright side, it’s usually really cute, plus it’s not like you can punish a cat, because eventually you will fall asleep, and then the cat always wins.

Here now are our top 10 videos of cats getting in the Christmas spirit.

10. Christmas Present Cat

After watching this, it would just seem rude to not wrap your cat. It is Christmas after all. No re-gifting though.

9. Christmas Helper Kitty

This cat clearly deserves a lump of coal for Christmas, but if you do that, you know he’s just going to steal the rest of your presents.

8. Kittens in the Christmas Tree

If you’ve ever had kittens at Christmas time, you know this is inevitable and also pretty awesome.

7. Kitten at the top of the Christmas Tree

You have to give this kitten credit for making it to the top of the tree, but on the downside, I’m pretty sure attacking an Angel is a no. “Bad Kitty! Bad Kitty! But you’re so cuuuuuute! Aw, I can’t stay mad at… hey! HEY! Stop eating the Angel!”

6. Cat in the Christmas Tree

When kittens get in your Christmas tree, they’re all “Hey, look at me! Look at me! I’m adorable and in your tree!” But when a full grown cat gets in your tree, he’s more like “What the hell are you looking at? This my tree. Go away. My tree.”

5. Jumping Christmas Cat

Sometimes cats jump in a tree, and sometimes they jump away from a tree—especially evil robot Christmas trees.

4. Christmas Clothes Cat

Cats are a lot like kids: half the point in having them is so you can humiliate them with funny clothes.

3. Santa Cat

But be warned, if you dress up your cat and mock him for too long, he will do this. Guaranteed.

2. Big Cat Christmas

These big cats are majestic creatures, but keep in mind, if you have a lion, tiger, and leopard in your tree, Santa may not make it to the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

1. Christmas Surprise Kitten

Awwww!!! Good thing Santa poked holes in the box.


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