mel gibson 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

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2011 is almost here. Before we say goodbye to 2010,  it’s only appropriate for us to bring up what we’d like to leave in our rear view mirror next year. If you feel we missed something that received too much attention, that was awful or just plain annoying from 2010, please feel free to comment and add it below. We just stopped at 43 because our writers are way too lazy to reach 50.

lebron james the decision article story main 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

1.) LeBron James and his “Decision” – There may not have been a more ridiculous sports special ever. Of course ESPN was the one to air it (they would bear his child if they could). James goes on national television to announce that he will be taking “his talents” to the Miami Heat, ripping the heart out of Cleveland Cavalier fans. Everyone knows if he really wanted to win, he would have joined the Bulls.

2.) Bieber Fever – It’s not like cholera or diphtheria but it still spread way to quickly. The 16-year-old Canadian with the voice of a 10-year-old girl became the hottest thing since the boy band craze of the late 90’s. We don’t want to say anything else, at all.

3.) Jay Leno replaces his replacement – Just when we thought we got rid of the late night host with the giant chin, NBC announces Leno will return to the Late Night Show to replace Conan O’Brien. Forget that NBC had been grooming O’Brien to take over Leno’s spot for years, because it only took a few bad ratings and one brash decision to make NBC look like the dumbest network of them all. Legally we’re obligated to pledge our allegiance to CBS (since they own us). Hawaii Five-O, David Letterman, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Two and a Half Men, and Sunday afternoon Football. We love you.

4.) George W. Bush releases “Decision Points” – Good ol’ W. decides to come out with a book about his presidency, leaving many Americans in disbelief. Bush knew how to form sentences?

spinaltap 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

5.) TSA announces more pat-downs and body scans – As if traveling during the holiday season wasn’t busy enough, the Transportation Security Administration announces that they will increase frisking of passengers. Agents find a decrease in passengers carrying cucumbers wrapped in tinfoil. If you’re looking to leave Chicago by air, you can know find these nifty machines at O’Hare and Midway Airports. We suggest opt-ing out for the pat down. You don’t need any more pictures of your junk out there.

6.) Chicago Police Department – Just about the entire country is aware of the violence in Chicago. But 2010 saw more of it directed toward our law enforcement. Five Chicago Police officers are slain in 2010.

7.) BP and the Major Spill – The explosion of Deepwater Horizon, an off-shore drilling rig owned by BP, results in 11 human deaths, countless animal deaths, and over 200 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. It will take years before the area ever recovers if not a lifetime.

8.) Any Brett Favre Coverage – Most of us could care less if Brett Favre would come back from “almost retirement” again and repeat the great year he had. Then there’s the whole obscene picture messages sent to a Jet reporter. The good news? His streak consecutive game streak ended and he might actually retire after this year.

9.) Was Steven Tyler still in Aerosmith, are they going to tour and record with a new lead singer? Then there’s the whole Joe Perry vs. Steven Tyler – Aerosmith’s lead singer and lead guitarist have a few on-stage feuds. First, Tyler’s signature microphone swing ends up whacking Perry in the head. Then, Perry’s guitar “accidentally” bumps Tyler off the stage where fans help him back up. Steven is headed to American Idol and there are probably more annoying fights yet to come. Just shut up already and play your music, please?

chilean miners 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

10.) The Chilean Miners – Don’t get us wrong. We definitely feel for the 33 Chileans miners that were trapped 700 meters below ground for 69 days following a mine cave-in. Thankfully all of them survived and they got some deserved attention but all of the Halloween costumes and the whole what’s next for the Chilean miners tour through NYC, LA, etc was a little much. Give them massive severance and let them live it up! Just without the extended press coverage.

11.) The True Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook fans got to see what the creator of their favorite pastime is really like through the film The Social Network. Apparently Zuckerberg stole the idea from some classmates and tried screwing his business partner. We can’t blame him. Wouldn’t you do that for billions of dollars?

12.) The Great news? Chicago Blackhawks bring back the cup. The Bad News? – All the phony fans that lined Michigan Ave and now you can’t walk down the street without seeing a Hawks jersey or hat. Hockey deserves some love but there’s too many fair weather fans out there.

13.) The Balloon Boy Hoax – A stupid Colorado family thought it would be a good idea to pretend their 6-year-old son was stranded on a giant balloon. Much of the nation pondered how the government would rescue a child from a moving balloon. Turns out the kid was hiding in the attic and the family wanted to make national headlines with hopes of getting a reality show.

14.) “Smart Phone” Domination – 2010 can certainly be remembered as the year everyone got their “smart phones.” These small touch screen computers have suddenly made everyone know-it-all and are also contributing to people walking into each other. It’s the start of zombies as we know it.

jersey shore 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

15.) Bad Italians – Take eight loud and obnoxious twenty-something degenerates and puts them in a house together on the New Jersey coast. What does that create? An awful show on MTV called Jersey Shore  that somehow people are watching.

16.) It smells like bad eggs – During the summer, an Iowa based dairy group sent out word that their eggs might have been contaminated with salmonella. Over 228 million eggs were recalled and close to 2,000 people were sickened by the eggs. Kinda makes you think about passing on the Egg Nog.

17.) Hall of Boss Concert – HBO and Tom Hanks hosted the 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert at the Madison Square Garden. The legendary concert promised performances by dozens of great artists. What we got was half what they promised, and the other half a Bruce Springsteen concert. We love the Boss don’t get us wrong, but it goes to show what a joke the Rock N’ Roll of Fame is.

18.) We’re still waiting til next year – Once again the Chicago Cubs have an abysmal season, and 2011 isn’t looking much brighter. Whats worse is that Cubs lose their most beloved son Ron Santo, the man who had been one of the faces and voice of Chicago Cubs baseball for decades.

19.) Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Sarah Palin is given a TV show on the TLC network to showcase her great state to the way Northwest. Surprisingly, the show attracts a decent audience. None of these are from the JACK FM staff though. Hey, did you know you could see Russia from Alaska? No telescope necessary.

20.) Thanks for the laughs Leslie – One of our favorite comedians, Leslie Nielsen, passed away in 2010. No one can forget his “Don’t call me Shirley” line in Airplane or his role as Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun series. We’ll miss you bud.

21.) The Zeppelin deflated – Just when Led Zeppelin fans thought a reunion tour was a done deal, lead singer Robert Plant says he wants to continue his country and folk career with singer Allison Krause. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Jason Bonham (son of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham) were all on board. Is one more tour too much to ask?

22.) What the hell just happened? – This year’s summer blockbuster was Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Although the visual effects were wild and the very thought of going into someone’s dream seem interesting, the movie was all over the place. Did anyone really understand it? No. You know they didn’t. And, if they say they did… you can call them a liar.

23.) FDA says No More Loko – The Food and Drug Administration cracks down on caffeinated alcohol drinks, in particular Four Loko. These energy drinks combine alcohol with caffeine creating a new type of drunk on college campuses. The ban stirs up an uproar in states like Illinois, Michigan, and others. If we can’t have speed and alcohol together… you don’t want to know what will happen.

24.) More Kardashians – Two more seasons of E!’s Keeping up with the Kardashians air in 2010. As if you needed another reason not to watch E! Entertainment.

crosby goal 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

25.) Those Damn Canadians! – The 2010 Winter Olympic Games were played on Canadian soil for the first time since 1988. In those games, the Soviet Union won gold in men’s ice hockey while Canada didn’t even win a medal. Long story short the Canadians stole our victory from us. We can’t say anything else but Thank God for the Blackhawks!

26.) The Chicago Mayoral Debate. How many more times do you want to hear if Rahm is a resident, if Meeks is a racist or stabs in the back from Davis, Braun and everyone else. Settle the Debate. Vote JACK for Mayor you should know we’re running in 2011.

27.) Hollywood loses – 2010 saw the passing of some actors who provided us with laughs and great drama. Dennis Hopper, who goes back to the 1960’s from Easy Rider, passes. Gary Coleman and Corey Haim, two actors who provided us with laughs in the 1980’s also die.

28.) Beatles on iTunes – The Apple owned iTunes has recently announced that The Beatles will be available for purchase for the first time on iTunes. Thus meaning music fans can pay a dollar for an individual Beatles song. Doesn’t iTunes know that just about all the Beatles music has already been illegally downloaded?

29.) Mel Gibson tapes leaked – It’s pretty clear that Mel Gibson’s mouth works against him. And we got another taste of that when tapes of him ranting against ex Oksana Grigorieva were leaked. Gibson was heard calling his ex a “c–t” and saying “you need a bat to the side of the head”—and that’s just the start of it! But we’re ending it here.

smoking baby indonesia 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

30.) A serious smoking problem – A 2-year-old Indonesian boy with a 40-cigarette-per-day smoking habit raised eyebrows in May. His mother said he would become angry and scream if he didn’t get his cigarettes. But the good news is he very relaxed and usually unstressed for a 2-year-old.

31.) World Cup Wreckers – The 2010 World Cup was held in South Africa and by the looks of it, FIFA officials had it out for the United States. The referees made several controversial calls including disallowing a perfectly good goal and calling questionable fouls. In soccer, the referees don’t have to explain their calls, so there was no explanation for the bad calls. Add that to the list of reasons why American’s don’t like soccer.

32.) Big year for Apple, or was supposed to be – In 2010 Apple had two major products they were going to be unveiling. The first device was the new iPad. Sales went over well for handheld touch screen computer, selling 3 million in just 80 days. The second unveiling of the new iPhone 4 did not go over so well. Problems with the iPhone 4 antenna caused CEO Steve Jobs to pay for refunds. Plus the competition is much stronger these days.

33.) Jesse James Cheating Scandal – Jesse James cheats on Sandra Bullock. Then he asks for forgiveness, then she declines. Snooze. It’s awful but cheating happens daily. We’re not saying it’s okay but who even cares about Jesse James? We thought  he was some wild west guy anyways.

34.) Lindsey Lohan back in rehab – Lindsey Lohan made another trip to rehab this year with hopes of finally getting sober! In other news, we could care less.

movie audience 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

35.) 3D Movies! – This year saw a ton of new movies come out in 3D at your local theater. Toy Story 3, Alice in Wonderland, Step Up, The Last Airbender, Despicable Me, Jackass, Saw and Megamind just to name a few. We’re getting a headache just thinking about it. Whats worse is they are now selling 3D home televisions. Yea right like anyone is going to wear those stupid goggles at home.

36.) Obama’s “Change” – What he really meant was… let’s add some more debt!

37.) ‘Barefoot Bandit’ Arrested – On July 11, Colton Harris-Moore, a 19-year-old suspected of theft in more than 100 homes in the Northwest, as well as stealing five small aircraft, two cars and a boat was apprehended in the Bahamas. The arrest came one week after Harris-Moore allegedly stole a small plane in Indiana and flew it to the Caribbean. Police reportedly had to shoot out a boat engine as the teen attempted to flee. Harris-Moore was known as the ‘Barefoot Bandit’ after reportedly committing some of his thefts without wearing shoes. He also had a cult following on Facebook. Go figure.

38.) Kanye West apologizes – Hip-Hop star Kanye West finally apologized to country music star Taylor Swift for his actions at last year’s MTV Music Awards. While Swift was giving her acceptance speech for best music video, West jumped on stage, grabbed the microphone and told the audience Beyonce deserved the award. The move really showed how arrogant the Chicago native is. Apologizing is what grown ups do. Was that so hard Kanye?

39.) Bed Bugs! – Decades after beg bugs were eradicated, they appear to be making a comeback. EPA officials said that bed bugs have developed a resistance to most pesticides. According to one extermination company, New York City, Philadelphia and several cities in the Ohio area the leaders for bed bugs. Hopefully those cities provide them with enough to eat because we don’t want them here in Chicago.

lady gaga bubbles 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010

40.) Lady Gaga takes over – This was the year that Lady Gaga seemed to take over the world. The pop singer rose to top celebrity with her hit songs and outlandish outfits. There was also speculation that Lady Gaga may be a Dude Gaga. But whatever his/her deal is, we just hope her peak has been reached, and its downhill from here.

41.) Cam Newton Heisman controversy – The Auburn star quarterback absolutely dominated college football during the 2010 season. However, much speculation arose that Newton was paid by the university, through his father’s negotiations, to play for Auburn. ESPN and other media outlets went on a Newton rollercoaster, supporting him, not supporting him. But when it came down to Heisman voting, everyone said thumbs up to Newton, crowing him Heisman winner.

42.) Charlie Sheen, porn star lover – Even though Sheen plays a ladies man on his show Two and a Half Men, playing one in real life when you have a wife isn’t such a good idea. Sheen caused much damage to his hotel room in New York when he was on cocaine and drinking. Police later found a woman locked in the bathroom, who turned out to be a porn star. He has since checked into rehab. Certainly not his first trip.

43.) Tiger Woods apologizes – After Tiger Woods car accident in November 2009, the allegations broke that Woods had been having a ton of affairs with other women. Woods checked into a rehabilitation center where he was treated for being a “sex addict.” In February, Woods gave a public apology for his actions and stated he planned to return to competitive golf. The media circus around Tiger Woods continued all the way until April when he said he would play in the Masters. Apparently when Woods was learning how to have so much sex, he forgot how to golf. He played some of his worst golf ever in 2010, dropping out of first in the world rankings.

tiger woods 43 Reasons To Say Goodbye To 2010


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