glee s2 superbowl 5 Greatest Glee Quotes About Football

Photo Credit: Chris Cuffaro, Miranda Penn Turin and Joe Viles/FOX

The Glee kids are going to have an extra special Super Bowl Sunday.  The show-turn-phenomenon, is airing an amazing episode right after the big game.

As we prepare for the Bowl, we put together the 5 greatest quotes from your favorite Glee characters celebrating all that is wonderful about football… and Kurt Hummel.

5. Finn: Mr. Schue, kids are busier than when you went here. We’ve got homework, and football, teen pregnancy… lunch. (Source: Glee Wiki)

4.Kurt: But you’ve been getting so much pressure from the guerrillas on the football team. I guess they didn’t appreciate me resigning from the team and choosing Glee.

Finn: Probably would’ve went over better if you didn’t announce it in the showers. (Source: Glee Wiki)

3. Sue Sylvester: Female football coach… is that like a male nurse? (Source: TV Fanatic)

2. Puck (to a rival football player): Hey, ankle-grabber, I had sex with your mother. No seriously… I cleaned your pool and then I had sex with her in your bed. Nice Star Wars sheets. (Source: IMDB)

1. Kurt: “Hello. I’m Kurt Hummel and I will be auditioning for the role of the kicker.” (Source: IMDB)

Whether you’re rooting for the Packers or the Jets, we can all agree on one thing. There’s no better combination than a Glee dance number to Beyonce. Hit it.

Have a terrific Super Bowl Sunday!

Tune in to “Glee” each Tuesday (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. For more info on “GLEE” The Music visit: In the mean time, catch up on all the greatest “Glee” hits on “Glee” Radio.

launcher glee sue 2 5 Greatest Glee Quotes About Football


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