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Here’s the thing: Yes, drinking is fun when it is safe and done in moderation. It’s even fun to get a little wild sometimes, as long as you are conscientious and careful.

And this episode of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Glee [/lastfm]was supposed to tackle the very serious consequences of teen drinking.

In the past Glee has done an excellent job being socially conscious but in this episode, the writers and Ryan Murphy pretty much glorified teen drinking, doing very little to show the negative side effects beyond some booty calls and projectile puking, with not-very-dire lines like this from Brittany, “But, its alcohol awareness week.”

And Santana, “Precisely. And I am aware of how much fun alcohol is.”

On the heels of some drunken antics at school, Principal Figgins decides to have Alcohol Awareness Week and asks New Directions to perform at the assembly with a song that admonishes drinking, saying:

“Just listen to the radio. Pop music now glorifies binge drinking. Just listen to any hit by pop star Kee Dollar Sign Ha.”

In the meantime, Puck encourages Rachel to have a party while her Dads are on the Rosie O’Donnell Cruise.

At first, Rachel thinks that is the most horrible idea ever, but after singing a really awful original song about a headband for Finn, Rachel realizes she can only have songwriting material if she lives it up a little.

This entails throwing a ’70s style cocktail party with two wine coolers per person and Rachel dressed like Carole King (what? No swingers?). Everyone threatens to leave, but Puck cracks open Rachel’s dads’ liquor cabinet.

Things get out of hand, but in a fun way, everyone writhing to [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Far East Movement[/lastfm]’s “Like A G-6” playing in the background.

“Designated Driver” Finn does his best to break down the drunken girl archetypes to Rachel (we noticed he doesn’t say anything about how guys get), which was probably the best dialogue of the show, if profoundly sexist.

Guys and girls fall into certain archetypes when they are drunk. Exhibit A: Santana the weepy, hysterical drunk. Lauren and Quinn: The Anger Girl drunks. Brittany, also known as The Girl Who Turns Into A Stripper Drunk. Mercedes and Tina: Happy Girl drunks. And then we come back full circle to you….Rachel. And right now, you’re being the Needy Girl drunk.

Rachel rebels against Finn by suggesting a game of Spin the Bottle in which she makes out with Blaine and has a “moment.” This moment turns to drunk karaoke of “Don’t You Want Me” by[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Human League[/lastfm].

Of course, they show up to school hungover and Artie pours them a little hair of the dog. They do a “realistic” rendition of “Blame It On The Alcohol”–again to no consequences, despite the fact Rachel is acting crazy and Santana is crying.

While Blaine is trying to figure out whether he is bisexual or not and Kurt is trying to deal with his “idol” not being romantically interested in him anymore, Beiste and Mr. Schue go to a Honky Tonk Bar where they sing “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.”

They share a drunken conversation where Schue says “We were careful. We didn’t drive. What’s wrong with that?” and Bieste says the only logical thing on the episode, “The best we can do is make them aware of the dangers and hope they are smart enough to make a good decision on their own.”

Of course, this doesn’t sink in for Schue and he grades a bunch of papers while drinking more and drunk dialing who he thinks is Emma, but is actually Sue Sylvester. Of course, Sue will use this for blackmail later on, playing it over the loud speaker at school very everyone to hear. And she doesn’t get fired, why? Oh, right. Because this is television.

New Directions finally gets to sing their “anti-drinking” song which is [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ke$ha'[/lastfm]s “Tik-Tok.” Not sure how that song is an “anti-drinking” song, since it makes us just want to get up and party, but ok, Glee. Whatever you say.

Rachel brings some weird cocktail for everyone to drink, they perform, Brittany gets sick, and pukes all over Rachel. Then Santana pukes and it’s all a puke fest.

Instead of getting in trouble, Principal Figgins thinks they used “special effects” and gives them coupons for half-off frozen yogurt.

Really, this episode showed no one getting in trouble for anything that had to do with drinking. Rachel had a party, her dads never yelled at her for stealing their booze. Everyone makes out with everyone else’s significant other.

No one cares. Mr. Schue is drunk. All his students gets “A’s” and Emma smiles as his message is played over the loud speaker. The kids drink in school and they get commended for their performance.

So, where is the “anti-drinking” message?

  • What did you think of last night’s episode of Glee? Let us know in the comments!

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