98456405 Is Sheen Making 6 Figures A TWEET?

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

[pullquote quote=”How to get fired and still get paid Bazillions” credit=”Charlie Sheen”]Charlie Sheen may not be the king of prime time television anymore but it looks like he has quickly taken over the world wide web!

Sheen set a Guinness Word Record last week by claiming the most Twitter followers @CharlieSheen than any other tweeter with over 2,276,000 and counting.

The numbers don’t lie folks and a spokesperson from Ad.ly says that Sheen is making six figures with his sponsored tweets! YES, SIX FIGURES. I am no mathematician but with less than 80 tweets at 140 characters or less a tweet, that’s a lot of dough!

Sheen’s Korner, Charlie’s live Ustream internet broadcast has also broken another Guinness World Record with over 100 million views in 2 days!

Sheen tweeted on Tuesday “fastball; T minus 58 mins “Building the perfect torpedo” or; ”How to get fired and still get paid Bazillions”

I’m not sure about Bazillions and we all know a good thing never last but its working right now. On Monday Sheen tweeted “I’m looking to hire a #winning INTERN with #TigerBlood.” and it generated more than 423,000 clicks with 95,333 of those coming in the first hour! Internship.com says that it received over 74,040 applications for the position.

So what do you think about Charlie now? Is he an actor in character cashing in on what the world wants to see or his just truly ‘MAD’?


Read the full story here at Gigoam.com


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