rebeccablack Trends: Friday Fun Fun Fun Fun

Her smash-hit viral video might have made her one of pop’s overnight stars, and she might even be one of America’s richest thirteen-year-olds (according to Forbes), but Rebecca Black‘s a long way off topping’s charts; almost 50 million video views aren’t translating into scrobbles, no matter how catchy it is.

Even so, she seems to have a pretty devoted following; as you head into the weekend Trends looks at what listeners think of “Friday.”

In next to time time at all “Friday” has collected 49,296 plays from 3,198 listeners, pooling her with pop artists like Willow Smith, Jessie J and Ke$ha.

And listeners have been pretty vocal about her; 2,731 shouts have been left on her artist page in the last two weeks, and she’s especially popular on – you guessed it – Fridays. For a lot of you just sharing those glittering lyrics (“Tomorrow it is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards”) is enough.

In fact, lyrics make up most of the tags that Black’s been given. Tags are how listeners categorize music, anything from pop to summer, and the same tag used on a lot of artists gives you a customized radio station you can listen to on

Well, Black’s are a little bit unique. Sure, there’s stuff in there like diva, teen pop and fun, but she’s also got better than Lady Gaga, queen of pop and – naturally – Friday. She’s even got a string of tags like fun fun fun fun, atmospheric loligaze and psychedelic housepop that are all her own. In fact, pretty much every lyrics called out in the fantastically kitsch video (below) gets a tag of its own.

Find a few more unique takes on that special Ark Music Factory sound over on Black’s page.


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