good gifts post 5 Great Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Yeah, yeah, we know: us guys are really hard to buy for. It’s okay though, I’ve got some tips for you that may make the whole annual ritual of “What should we get Dad for Father’s Day?!” a little simpler this year.

Let’s look at some winning tactics to help everyone make it through the weekend with calm nerves and smiles.

[pullquote quote=”Sometimes a whole day of hanging out together is all it takes to relieve the pressure from the week day’s grind.”]Baseball Game
You know all those things that you have fond childhood memories of with Dad like heading to the movies, the roller rink or sporting event? Well, chances are we do too. The thought of re-living those days if you’re older or having Mom stand in line for the hot dogs and peanuts for a change if these are still weekly activities in your household is a small piece of heaven for Dad’s that will no doubt become a happy addition to our fond family memories.

Advanced Driving Course
Let’s face it, us Dad’s gave-up our dreams of grand-prix competition when we “upgraded” out hot-hatches and muscle cars for the sedans and mini-vans. And sometimes when we’re on the freeway in the morning commute staring at all the other miserable drivers, we can’t help ourselves from imagining a nifty handbrake turn across the median and speeding away from all the responsibility in the opposite direction. Why not give us a few precious hours to have some automobile fun without fear of reprisal? You should come too so that you know what a bad-ass your Dad can be behind the wheel if only he wasn’t driving a Dodge Caravan…

I know, it sounds childish, but really there’s nothing that sounds more satisfying than a blissful hour spent with the family on a paintball range. For a perfect “double trouble” combination, make sure you include a second family like the annoying neighbors or that of the one co-worker you always hear us moaning about. Trust us, this one small decision will create a million colorful memories. Literally.

It sounds so simple, and it is. Simply take us to our favorite little breakfast spot, enlighten us with your current drama and allow us to dispense the oft-ignored “Dad Wisdom” (because it’s in our nature to pretend to fix things). If you’re feeling really kind, allow us to pontificate for a few minutes without interruption, then agree with us at the conclusion (that’d be the highlight of our week). When the check comes, make us put our credit card away and take care of the check for us. Of course we’ll protest loudly – that’s another male ego thing – but that little gesture will be the highlight of our year.

Simply Doing Nothing*
Everyone’s always on the go. Between work, kids activities, errands, honey-do’s, it’s like we’re living in a train station: lots of passing, not enough sitting. Sometimes the most pleasant thought us Dad’s have is to be sitting down quietly with our family, unfortunately we’re incapable of creating this scenario for ourselves. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Clear our day for us
  • Procure papers, coffee and some nice treats to munch on
  • If our phones ring, tell the caller that we’re all unavailable and will call back tomorrow (the same applies to unannounced visitors who drop by)

This doesn’t mean dote on us, nor ignore your own needs – feel free to play on your laptop, iPod or what have you – as long as we’re all sitting and entertaining ourselves quietly, together. Sometimes a whole day of hanging out together is all it takes to relieve the pressure from the week day’s grind.

* Hold up there Sparky, this doesn’t mean “do nothing” – you ain’t getting out of this that easily!
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