We have a team on the ground at the greatest fan convention in the world. Comic-Con, and they’re bringing the hottest highlights to you.

We’re sitting outside along a downtown San Diego sidewalk, relaxing our feet and taking a break from our coverage of Comic-Con. As we watch the current of people pass us by, a commotion surfaces in the distance. The hoopla gets closer, closer, until finally we see a pack of people circling a tall guy with orange hair. It’s Conan O’Brien, and he’s taking a lap around the festivities with a tail of fans behind him. He looks like he’s having the time of his life, bowing before his citywide standing ovation. Ten minutes later, we hear more noise, and this time it’s comic deity Kevin Smith.

That was just one memorable moment from our second day at Comic-Con. Round two delivered our first stroll through the convention itself, the most shameful pedicab ride of our lives, and landed us in promo parties for Wired Magazine and Playboy.

We woke up pretty early after a long day one, set to get as much content as we could from the Comic-Con convention itself. Our first job was to enter the belly of the geek, and grab as much free stuff as we possibly could, and take some photos along the way. Seemed like an easy task right? Upon entrance into the San Diego Convention Center, it’s absolute hysteria inside – colorful, passionate, decorative, and straight up strange hysteria. We entered one of the lanes of human traffic, and headed left. After grabbing a free Comic-Con bag (which could literally fit a small child), we discovered this “free” factor wasn’t going to be a common Comic-Con entity.

img 8724 Comic Con 101: Sights From A Noob (Day Two)   Inside Comic Con, Conan OBrien Sightings, Playboy Parties And More

With a couple of promo gifts, and some pictures of the dozens of superheroes, ninjas, warlocks, storm troopers, and other imaginary characters, we started getting a little grumpy with our empty bags. At one point my frustration told me to just start grabbing random objects from tables, free or not free. When we tried to stand in line for some posters, someone told us to stand in another line. Then at that line, we were told we couldn’t even wait, and to “please back away.”

Despite our dissatisfaction with our performance so far, the aesthetic inside Comic-Con is one of the most stimulating sights one can see. The event is absolutely monstrous. Walking down every aisle would take at least four hours. At least. You’re literally smacked in the face with other people’s creations, their imaginations, and the beautiful results from their creative expression. As you pass booths, you’re at times walking down an aisle of your own memories and fetishes. At others, you’re discovering the most bizarre and imaginative sides of art. Anything goes, and that’s an understatement.

img 8740 Comic Con 101: Sights From A Noob (Day Two)   Inside Comic Con, Conan OBrien Sightings, Playboy Parties And More

We left the madness, and decided to head to a bar and wash away the sorrow of our skimpy bags with a beer. As we walked towards the CNET lounge, it was then were fed free material the entire time. Wanna get free stuff at Comic-Con? Stay outside. Our bags were finally respectable. After a brief break, we headed back on another pedicab, this time with a Polish blonde that seemed really nice at first. She turned on us when she said it was $15 each for the ride. It was like we had been cheated on by a perfect stranger. Feeling completely shamed and shafted by such a greedy scheme, we pouted on the way to up to our room where it was time to post some pics.

Once we finished our work, we decided it was time to check out party for The Wired Magazine. We walked to The Omni Hotel, and headed into the private event to find lots and lots of drunk people, one of them being Snow White. There were a couple of cool accessories on display, like handcrafted wood iPhone cases, and there was a Dance Dance Revolution battle going on inside, but the theme was definitely to party. We checked out Snow White and her friends Ariel and Belle for a while, drank some True Blood mixed drink that toasted us up a bit, then bounced for some more sight seeing.

img 8755 Comic Con 101: Sights From A Noob (Day Two)   Inside Comic Con, Conan OBrien Sightings, Playboy Parties And More

We walked around for another hour or so, took to a couple chairs, and that’s when our friend Conan and Kevin Smith made their grand tours throughout the streets of Comic-Con. There were cries and tears of joy celebrating all around them, like rock stars in a nation of nerds.

img 8758 Comic Con 101: Sights From A Noob (Day Two)   Inside Comic Con, Conan OBrien Sightings, Playboy Parties And More

The night was starting to set in at this point, so we thought it was about time to hit up a Playboy party (need I mention our photo gallery?). We drank some more with a bevy of boobs, took a picture or two, then we started getting a little sloppy. Blackout almost made out with a chameleon, Lightning was running around taking pics of gorgeous, half-naked girls and I found myself separated from them. All I’m going to say is that I took a 20-minute cab ride with an Ethiopian man, who hated running, back to the hotel.

Day three is our penultimate day from Comic-Con, and it promises to be another good one with the busiest day of the event. Check back with us tomorrow to hear what went down.


See what went down on day 1.


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