Sometimes we forget that one of the main ways celebrities and music stars make money is through their other business ventures like clothing lines, bar ownership, and the favorite choice, fragrances.

Some of the fragrances are decent, some of them are horrible, but many of them are actually pretty good and reasonably priced. Here’s a list of our Top Ten Favorite Celebrity Fragrances–including a few that haven’t been released yet, but sound pretty delicious!

10. Gwen Stefani‘s Harajuku Lover’s G Of The Sea

harajuku lovers g of the sea The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

Even if you don’t buy this limited edition scent from Gwen Stefani’s many-faceted clothing/beauty line Harajuku Lovers for the actual scent, the mermaid bottle is so cute.

G of the Sea is described as a citrus woody-floral scent with notes including of apple, lily, berries, and “smoothly sun-drenched woods.” Is it something a mermaid would wear?

If she was a cutesy cartoon version like the one represented on the bottle then definitely.

9.  Jennifer Aniston‘s Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston perfume The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

The understated, sophisticated bottle for Jennifer Aniston’s namesake perfume screams Jennifer already. But her scent doesn’t scream anything but simple class.

Created to smell like a warm California evening, Aniston’s scent is full of night-blooming jasmine, sandalwood, and citrus overtones.

Just like a day on the beaches of Malibu.

8. Justin Bieber‘s Someday

justin bieber someday The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

If seemed pretty odd when a young male pop-star put out a scent for girls, but Someday is a totally girlie fruity-floral with notes including mandarin, pear, creamy florals, and vanilla.

And the rose-topped bottle is super pretty.

7. Kate MossLove Blossoms

kate moss love blossoms fragrance The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

While Kate Moss is known as a model for her waifish, exotic glamor, her clothing lines have been fun and flirty, while staying sophisticated.

Her new fragrance Love Blossoms apparently follows suit by being totally feminine and flowery with a touch of exotic spice like patchouli and white musk.

6. Katy Perry‘s Purr

purr The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

We are in total love with the sneaky-eyed, deep purple cat bottle for Katy Perry’s Purr and the scent inside doesn’t disappoint.

While it’s a little sweet for the more sophisticated maiden, the scent is totally fresh, free, and fun with notes including apple, bamboo, rose, ambers, and musks. Purr is a teenage fruity-floral at it’s best.

5. Jennifer LopezLove And Light

jennifer lopez lovelight The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

Jennifer Lopez already has about sixteen fragrances, so what makes Love And Light stand out? It’s less abrasive than some of her other scents; it literally plays up the light.

An effervescent scent with citrus, tangy florals, and sweet woods, Love And Light might seem all top notes, but it dries down to a pretty, subtle sweet fragrance.

4. Avril Lavigne‘s Wild Rose

avril lavigne wild rose jpg The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

Although releasing sometime this month, we’ve heard good things about this fruity-floral from Avril Lavigne. The only caveat about Wild Rose? It actually has no roses in it!

Just like any great teenage girl scent, Wild Rose has creamy florals and playful citrus notes like grapefruit, orange blossom, sandalwood, and burnt sugar.

3.  Taylor Swift‘s Wonderstruck

taylor swift wonderstruck perfume 500x698 The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

With a name that comes from a line from Swift’s song Enchanted, Wonderstruck releases in September but it already has plenty of buzz.

Meant to evoke the daydreams of a young girl in love (much like Swift’s music), Wonderstruck is what the perfume world would call a gourmand scent, which is exactly what it sounds like–a scent that smells like food.

In the case of Wonderstruck, it sounds like it smells like a dessert with raspberry, vanilla, and peach.

2. Beyonce‘s Pulse

beyonce pulse The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

Although the bottle doesn’t seem very Beyonce, Pulse’s dynamic shape signifies the strength of femininity.

Pulse is also a floral gourmand with exotic tinges of Earl Grey tea in the bergamot and vanilla and a pretty top note of night-blooming jasmine.

1. Heidi Klum‘s Shine

heidi klum shine fragranc ad590do061811 The Beauty Beat: Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances Of 2011

Not many will doubt that model, television show host, wife, and mother, Heidi Klum is a real superwoman. Her debut fragrance Shine will release in September and as far as celebrity fragrances go, it’s incredibly grown up and sensual. Much like Klum herself.

Shine is said to be a sexy floral oriental with notes of pink peppercorn, mimosa, vanilla, tonka bean, and musk.

  • What is your favorite celebrity fragrance? Let us know in the comments!

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