Kelly Rowland caused some waves yesterday as she popped out of her barely-there top at a club in New Jersey.  But Kelly is by no means the first– or the most shocking– star to experience a wardrobe malfunction.  From televised slips, to paparazzi peek-a-boos, to outrageous live fashion faux pas, here’s our list of the Top 10 Craziest Celeb Wardrobe Malfunctions!

10. Eva Longoria Flashes David Letterman

Eva Longoria was Dave’s guest on The Late Show when out of nowhere the button on her tuxedo jacket broke, almost revealing her chest to the shocked talk show host.  “Oh my button!” the Desperate Housewives actress exclaimed, quickly adding to Letterman “I’m sorry… but you didn’t see anything.”  It was pretty mild by comparison, and this one was clearly an accident.

9. Venus Williams Forgets About Gravity

Tennis star Venus Williams gave fans an accidental show at the Australian Open back in January 2010.  During an intense match, Williams neglected to realize she was moving faster than her skirt, exposing her nude underwear in mid-game.

8. Nicki Minaj Doesn’t Have a Good Morning (America)

One of the latest additions to the “Wardrobe Malfunction club,” Nicki was performing on Good Morning America just last week when her low cut top dropped revealing her left breast.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, but the performance was recorded live– it was quickly cleaned up by the time the feed hit the West Coast, but it left Nicki’s East Coast fans with quite the exclusive.

7. Lindsay Lohan Laughs It Off

Lindsay lost her bikini top while cavorting in the surf in Miama, to the delight of nearby paparazzi.  Rather than get mad or defensive, the already on-the-road-to-trainwreck actress quickly covered up and started laughing hysterically at the slip… hey, at least she’s got a good sense of humor about things!

6. Khloe Kardashian Slips Up on Fox News

Khloe Kardashian Odom was on Fox News, ironically discussing her life’s lack of privacy when she shifted in her semi-sheer black top.  While neither she, her sister of the news anchors noticed, viewers at home quickly spotted the reality TV star’s right nipple in full view through her shirt!

Making matters worse, the first one to tell Khloe was her mom Kris Jenner, who contacted her daughter to warn her during the interview.  Despite this incident, and Fox News’ consistent apologies, Khloe seemed cavalier about the slip, joking about the incident with Kim on Twitter after the malfunction.

5. Britney Spears Gets Out of the Car (and Into a Paparazzi’s Lens)

Few celebs have been more beseiged by the paparazzi over the years than Britney (although in their defense, the rollercoaster lifestyle of the pop singer has lended itself to plenty of outrageous scrutiny).  Case in point, during one of Brit’s lower points, the possibly inebriated starlet was exiting a car after a long night on the town, when a photographer snapped a pic revealing Brit spent the evening “going commando.”

It was one of the lower points for Ms. Spears (along with y’know, K-Fed), but we’re glad that she’s pulled herself together and is now back on top!

4. Ricky Berens Doesn’t Look Back

Ladies don’t have to be the only celebs victimized by faulty wardrobes.  Just ask Ricky Berens!  The world champion swimmer’s suit ripped in the back just moments before the start of his leg of the Men’s 4×100-m relay at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Rome in 2009.  In swimming, there’s really no way to call a “time out,” so Berens had no choice but to run the race with his backside exposed!

3. Lady Gaga’s Lack of Fashion at The Fashion Awards

At the CFDA Awards, the very event where she was being honored as a style icon, Gaga debuted in a teal wig and black leather bustier.  As she posed more and more dramatically for the photogs, her top popped completely out of her bustier.  Knowing Mother Monster’s penchant for the provocative, fans and critics alike are still questioning whether this was a legit accident or a publicity stunt.  Either way, Gaga was spotted partying later in the night in an even skimpier version of the outfit at a local club, so the flash clearly didn’t phase her too badly.

2. Jennifer Lopez Shows Off in Germany

J.Lo appeared on German TV show Wetten Dass…? back in June in a billowy grey dress that looked great… but clearly wasn’t designed to handle the windy weather on location.  A gust of wind sent the top half of Jennifer’s dress flying open, exposing her chest in the middle of the show.

On the one hand, at least J.Lo got lucky enough to have this happen overseas, and not on U.S. television.

On the other hand, she’s a world famous superstar…

1. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s “Nipplegate”

The ultimate wardrobe malfunction still has to go to Janet Jackson.  In the scandal that rocked every water cooler the next morning, Janet Jackson’s breast was accidentally exposed by Justin Timberlake during their duet performance at the Superbowl halftime performance in 2004.  Janet’s bejeweled boob was only on screen for less than a second before she covered up and both singers left the stage mortified, but it was the malfunction heard ’round the world, and to this date there is still controversy over how “accidental” this slip really was.

That’s our list of the top Celeb Wardrobe Malfunctions (at least until someone else slips up!)… did we miss anything really notorious, that should have made the list?  Let us know what you think in the comments!


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