Everyone is trying to save money these days, but your romantic dating life does not have to go down the drain thanks to the economy! There are plenty of cheap and fun things to keep your dating life alive without killing your wallet.  Here is a list of 7 fun, yet inexpensive ideas for a date from Yahoo.

1. Visit the beach: It is such a short drive, you can stay all day and it gives you a chance to see your date wearing very minimal clothing. Be sure to apply sunscreen to each other if you plan on staying out all day, this also gives you added intimacy even if you are on a public beach.

2. Drive-In movie: How many movies feature the Drive in as the hot make-out spot for Friday nights? While they may not be as common as they were in the 50’s it is still a fun experience. Picture it, you and your date, popcorn, blankets, darkness, great movie on the screen, how could this date possibly not be fun? I know you’re probably wondering WHERE there is a drive-in movie theater in South Florida. You’re in luck. The Lake Worth Drive-In is on Lake Worth Road.

3. Skating at the roller rink: This harkens back to our childhood days. Remember couples-only skate songs, rushing to grab that cute kid to skate with you? Most roller rinks have a late-night adult-friendly skating option, some even have gourmet food not just the hot dogs cheesy fires and pizza that we remember.

4. Bring the café experience to your home: While going to a fancy café can get very expensive, it is simple to bring the experience to your own home. Take your furniture outside to a back porch, or balcony, giving yourself that café experience. Decorate the area with a few candles, turn on your music and enjoy the moment.

5. Go-kart racing: Remember how much fun this was as a kid? Speeding around the track racing all the other cars hoping to be the winner. What better date then betting dinner on the race? Some tracks even have double seating so you can race around the track together.

6. Hiking: Walking around on a path is free, definitely making the wallet happy. Being out in nature helps to put people at ease, allowing them to open up and communicate without any distractions. It also gives your man a chance to be manly and protect you from the snake crossing your path.

7. Anything, just add the extras you prefer: you can take an average night to the movies to the next level by slipping a love note in the candy box, or running ahead on your weekly jog to place iced drinks and meet them as they jog around the corner. Take your everyday and make it special turning your daily events into a surprise date.

Source: Yahoo
Post by: Rebekah Nickolaus, CBS Radio


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