The warm Summer nights are behind us, it’s dark by 7:30 and the leaves are starting to change colors… it can only mean one thing– the new Fall TV season is upon us!  The networks all launched their new seasons this past week, and now that we’ve had our first taste of the new and returning shows, we decided to make our calls on the shows worth watching, the ones with potential, and the shows that will probably be cancelled by October!  Keep reading for our full Fall TV breakdown, to help you decide how to best burn through your precious primetime hours each day of the week!



Two and a Half Men (CBS) Everyone tuned in to see what Two and a Half Men would be like with Ashton instead of Charlie last Monday (which made for some HUGE ratings), and after watching the first new episode, it looks like these men aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Dancing With The Stars (ABC) We got our first glimpse of the new DWTS cast on the dance floor, with a mixup of the Cha Cha or the Viennese Waltz. Poor Ron Artest won’t be sticking with the rest of the season (since he got voted off), but we sure will.

2 Broke Girls (CBS) The new CBS sitcom is one of two created by comedienne Whitney Cummings… and the only funny one created by Whitney.  The always-hilarious Kat Dennings was on the top of her game in the premiere episode, and she had great chemistry with co-star Beth Behrs.


The Playboy Club (NBC) Apparently the reason Mad Men is such a great TV show has less to do with being set in the 60’s, and more to do with excellent writing and compelling characters… at least that’s what the horrid Playboy Club seemed to suggest from it’s first episode. Lot’s of 60’s style on display here, but with absolutely no substance.

The Sing-Off (NBC) We’re sure there’s some fans of The Sing Off out there, and no offense intended– but seriously DWTS owns Monday night for reality competitions, and reminders from the excellent The Voice (another NBC show) makes The Sing Off feel a little over the hill.

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) We still haven’t been able to stay awake for an entire episode of the action/ cop drama remake. The original 70’s version is still a classic, but there’s just something about the new version that doesn’t click, even after a full season under their belt.

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New Girl (Fox) The adorable Zooey Deschanel stars in the funniest new sitcom we’ve seen this Fall, as the nerdy, broken-hearted Jess.  She moves in to a sweet new apartment with three weird guys and tried to get her life back on track.  It’s cute, clever and charming… just like the actress herself!

NCIS (CBS)  After nine seasons, NCIS is still going strong! We’re hopelessly addicted to the crime-solving team lead by  Mark Harmon.

Glee (Fox)  Speaking of addictive, it’s hard not to get hooked on Glee!  The singers from McKinley High are back, and rumor has it this will be the final season for many of our most beloved classmates, who are now seniors!


The Biggest Loser (NBC) With so much else going on, perennial fave Biggest Loser kinda got the short end of the stick this season… it’s a great show with a positive and inspiring message, but with so much else on Tuesday nights this year, it’s the easiest one to let go of… especially with the loss of amazing trainer/ co-star Jillian Michaels.

Ringer (CW) We really loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but sorry Sarah Michelle Gellar– your new show just can’t compare. According to the ratings most people didn’t watch her new thriller show, and honestly, they didn’t miss much.

Glee (Fox) No it’s not a typo… Glee is on the list as a winner AND a loser. Why?  Well, while it’s great to get back into the lives of our young cast, this season is off to a really choppy start, with awkward plotlines that seem to have come out of nowhere (Quinn suddenly decides to go all Goth/ Punk? Adorable guest star Darren Criss transferring inexplicably to McKinley??)… something just seemed not right about the start of this season. There’s plenty of time to fix the problems, but we’re a little nervous the big sendoff year won’t measure up to the pair of great seasons before it.

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Modern Family (ABC) It didn’t win the Emmy for Best Comedy for nothing!  Modern Family is back for year three and came out of the gate just as hilarious as ever!  With an hour-long premiere last week, we were rolling on the floor laughing and felt confident that this ensemble series hasn’t lost its magic.

Up All Night (NBC)  Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph star in another very funny new sitcom that is both hilarious (loved the running gag of bleeping out of the young couple’s involuntary bad language), and a pretty realistic look at how crazy and compelling it is to be a new parent.

Survivor: South Pacific (CBS)  It wouldn’t be a Fall premiere without Survivor, and the strong ratings proved there’s plenty of you who tuned in along with us for the beginning of the South Pacific adventure!


The X Factor (Fox) Of course we watched it, but like everyone’s saying American Idol it is NOT… Sorry Simon, X Factor‘s premiere was kind of a mess, and the show definitely need s a little more work if it’s gonna stick around for a second season.

Revenge (ABC)  This modern take on the classic novel “The Count of Monet Cristo” started off interesting… for the first 10 minutes. For the rest of the show, it seemed like every predictable, contrived plot twist played out exactly when we expected it to… our eyes hurt from rolling so much by the time the first episode was over.

Harry’s Law (NBC)  Kathy Bates’ legal dramedy barely made it through to this second season, but it seems a lot of people forgot about it over the Summer break… the ratings were dismally low on this one, which is too bad because the series is a fairly worth follow-up to Boston Legal.

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Parks and Recreation (NBC)  What started three years ago as “The Office-lite” has become one of the funniest shows on TV– the cast of Parks and Rec, from Amy Poehler’s goofy-yet-incredible Leslie Knope to Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson (the ultimate “man’s man”), really shines in this show about local government employees.  While other sitcoms languish for years doing the same things over and over, Parks and Rec always keeps their stories fresh and their characters moving forward, and it’s a treat to watch the bigger picture unfold.

The Office (NBC)  OK, we admit we were worried when Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott made his exit from Dunder Mifflin last May.  The first new episode of The Office put us at ease, though, with the introduction of James Spader as Robert California really shook things up quickly and perfectly– Jim’s no longer the “cool guy” in the office, Andy’s in charge, and Dwight’s a rebel now?? It’s a breath of fresh air from a once-great show that had started to get stale… all of a sudden we can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Person of Interest (CBS)  JJ Abrams of LOST fame teamed up with the guys who did the Batman movies for a hip, cool new thriller.  The power of the cast and crew alone will keep us onboard with this show, even with a somewhat slow first episode.


Charlie’s Angels (ABC)  Could it be we’re finally losing interest in remakes?  This is the second time the Angels have rebooted, but where the film series with Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz made for a fun and sexy popcorn experience, this new TV relaunch just felt dull.

Whitney (NBC)  Whitney Cummings had a good start with Two Broke Girls, but her second sitcom this season, Whitney, was just lame.  She’s a very funny lady, but between the outdated laugh track and some really ridiculous plotlines, this first episode was a clunker.

Prime Suspect (NBC)  Maria Bello’s police drama, about a tough-as-nails female cop in New York City has some potential, but the vibe from the first episode is kind of “been there, done that…” Unless this show can find some viewers (it did abysmally bad in the ratings), and find a fresh angle for the story, it’s probably not long for the small screen.

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A Gifted Man (CBS) An interesting new take on a ghost story– a talented surgeon begins seeing visions of his dead wife, and tries to find out why using his medical and scientific skills– made for an intriguing hour of TV… add to the fact that legendary filmmaker Jonathan Demme directed the pilot, and this series felt more like a mini-movie than just a TV show.

Fringe (Fox)  The trippy, reality-bending sci-fi show has been making a name for itself over the past few years, developing quite a rabid cult following and stepping out from the shadow of the X Files.  While the ratings are still clocking in low, Fringe is a little engine that can– it’s smart, funny, compelling TV with wild science fiction that’s always (slightly) grounded in reality… and don’t fret, Joshua Jackson fans– Peter Bishop is gone for now, but he’s certainly not forgotten!

CSI: New York (CBS) The long-running crime procedural kicked things off with a retrospective this season, with a look back at the tenth anniversary of 9/11 through the eyes of our New York native investigators.  Its was a classy and topical way to start the new season, and it inspired us to once again pay respect to the real-life heroes from the fateful day.


Nikita (CW)  The second season of this action thriller started with a whimper (it lost out to reruns on NBC and ABC in the ratings), and doesn’t have us feeling too confident in the future for Maggie Q’s starring vehicle.

Supernatural (CW)  Maybe it’s not fair to say, since we never really got into this show, but we don’t know how much longer Supernatural can go on at this point. The past few seasons’ ratings have been steadily dwindling, and based on the lukewarm response to this year’s premiere, we may be seeing the final days of the brothers Winchester.

Kitchen Nightmares (Fox)  We are officially over Gordon Ramsey.  The Hell’s Kitchen star can by all means keep going with his culinary boot camp, but his road show has gotten incredibly dull… especially since it’s being outshined by the similar-yet-better Restaurant: Impossible with Robert Irvine on Food Network!


That’s our call for the best and the worst of the new TV Season… do you agree with our picks?  Or did we trash your favorite shows??

Let us know what YOU THINK in the comments below!


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