Pop stars and designer labels, musicians and models, seem as vital to the other as breath is to the human body. Female pop divas are always showing off their killer shoes while the dudes are flaunting the next pretty young thing on their arm.

Accordingly, there are tons of songs, pop and otherwise, about fashion and inspired by models. To pump us up into a bank-breaking shopping frenzy, we’ve compiled a list of our Top Ten Pop Songs About Fashion, Glamour, and Supermodels.

10. “Gucci Gucci”- Kreayshawn

Kreayshawn might have a problem with wearing the same thing as “basic b*tches” i.e. Gucci, Fendi, and Prada, but we don’t.


Prada python boots with a drape-y dress and some gold bangles? Yes, please.

9. “Harajuku Girls”- Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani loves fashion so much she a) wrote a song about the ever-inventive style of the girls in the Harajuku district of Japan and b) she started her own clothing labels.

While Harajuku Lovers is cute, we love the modernized ska style of L.A.M.B.


Like this 1950’s “Teddy Boy” inspired look from her Fall 2011 collection.

8. “Picture Perfect”- Chris Brown

Like many of his kind, the hip-hop superstar kind, Chris Brown has a thing for model good looks, especially looks fantastic enough to grace the cover of a magazine:

Damn girl set my flame ablaze/Top model chick from my favorite page

7. “Boots & Boys”- Ke$ha

Most people wouldn’t consider Ke$ha–with her penchant for glitter and animal-print booty shorts–to be a beacon of style, but girl knows what’s up.

For example, how can one argue with her love for both boots and boys?

Something ’bout boots and boys/They bring me so much joy/I gotta say it, I wear ’em both so pretty as I walk in the city/Watch out, boots and boys

6. “Fashion Beats”- Black Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas have always been very vocal about their love for quirky, crazy fashion. For reference, see Will.I.Am’s space-age vest above. One might say they always stay:

In fashion. In fashion. In fashion. In fashion/Enchante, comment allez vous. Tres bien merci et vous. Super good, super nice. Salt and pepper, sugar and spice/ Space sugar case to the moon let’s go. Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe/Cat walk, fashion show. Runway, fashion show. Tall man, radio, G6, I don’t know

5. “Christian Dior Denim Flow”- Kanye West

Who was the last person to name drop so many supermodels in one song? George Michael?

I’m in my Christian Dior with a Veronica Webb/Noemie Lenoir, Chanel, Sessilee Lopez/Arlenis Sosa, Selita Ebanks/If you work with my people, speak that Jourdan Dunn language/Make a phone call, out to Joan Smalls/I wonder how it feel to lower (Lara) Stone‘s walls/Jessica Gomes, yall, I would damage her/And see if Jessica Stam got the stamina/I’m in the car with Leo and the Benz swerve/I heard Bar was friends with Esti Ginzburg/Coco Rocha, Kate Mimosa/Alessandra Ambrosia, Anja Rubik,/Get Olga Kurylenko, tell her I’m very single/Abbey Lee, too I’m a freak boo/I’m wylin I’m on a thousand/I wanna see Irina Shayk next to Doutzen

4. “Glam”- Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has vacillated between being “dirty” and being “stylish,” but she’s always been “glam.”

Runway on fire, fashion gods inspire/Lose control, inhibitions run wild/Get on the floor in your best couture/Come on and take me higher

3. “Vogue”- Madonna

Considered one of the most influential songs about fashion around, Madonna adopted her “vogue” movements from the gay ballroom dance competitions in major cities around the country, but most notably Harlem.

Dance teams would often call themselves “Haus” of something. How very fashionable.

2. “Labels or Love”- Fergie

Fergie can’t fool us. We know she’s got a good man. But that doesn’t mean she’s not into having a little bling–most notably Gucci, Fendi, and Prada:

Gucci, Fendi, Prada versus purchasing them finer things/Men they come a dime a dozen, just give me them diamond rings/I’m into a lot of bling, Cadillac, Chanel and Coach/Fellas boast, but they can’t really handle my female approach…So we can’t go all the way, I know you might hate it but/I’m a shop for labels while them ladies lay and wait for love

1. “Fashion”- Lady Gaga

By far, the most fashion forward pop star is Lady Gaga. One of her songs, which sadly didn’t become a radio hit, is “Fashion.” The song talks about Gaga’s love for labels–also Gucci, Fendi, and Prada.

I am, I’m too fabulous/I’m so, fierce that it’s so nuts/I live, to be model thin/Dress me, I’m your mannequin/j’adore vivienne habillez-moi/Gucci, Fendi et Prada/Valentino, Armani too/Merde I love them Jimmy Choo

See, Gaga loves Gucci, Fendi, and Prada and she’s definitely not a “basic b*tch.”

  • Did we miss any pop songs about fashion? Let us know in the comments!

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