2011 Most Shocking Reality TV Bombshells

I’ll admit it, I’m a Reality TV junkie– and when it comes to making a list of the year’s most SHOCKING Reality TV moments, it’s tougher than you’d think… after all, the whole point for most reality shows is to be as shocking as possible!

But it’s almost the new year, so that’s no excuse– so here are my picks for the 5 biggest Reality TV Bombshells this year!

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5.Kate Plus 8 Gets Cancelled

After years in the tabloids and her rocky split from hubby John, Kate Gosselin’s Kate Plus 8 got the axe from TLC this year… but Kate’s not one to shy away from the paparazzi, so the reality TV diva’s time in the spotlight is certainly not over yet!

4.Toddlers & Tiaras star Paisley Dresses like a Prostitute

Pageant girl Paisley was dressed up as Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman for one of her shows… the only problem is, Julia plays a prostitute in Pretty Woman!!

3.RHODC’s Michaele Salahi Elopes with Journey’s Neal Schon

White House Crasher Michaele Salahi ditched her hubby Tareq for Neal Schon from Journey– I think the most awkward part was when Tareq filmed a video, playfully encouraging his wife to kiss the rock star on the cheek, unaware she was already sleeping with him!!

2.Cheryl Cole Dropped from The X Factor

Simon Cowell’s initial judge for the premiere of The X Factor strangely disappeared halfway through the premiere episode of the series, and was replaced by Nicole Scherzinger– something that was a controversial move, still debated by fans to this day!

1. RHOBH’s Russell Armstrong Commits Suicide

Tragedy struck the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Taylor’s husband Russell committed suicide shortly before the start of the latest season. But the tragedy wasn’t the end of things, as allegations started to surface that Russell had been abusive to Taylor for years, and the family was in dire straits financially. The entire ordeal was dark and sad, and far more shocking than any other reality TV this year.

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