Scandals, Celeb Meltdowns, Arrests, Baby allegations, and plenty of leaked nude photos– when it comes to Dirty Laundry, 2011 was a banner year! Here’s my list of the Top Ten most shocking Celeb Scandals of the year– its 2011’s DIRTIEST LAUNDRY!!

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10. Chris Brown Goes Postal on GMA

103245534 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Chris Brown was on GMA in the early part of 2011, but got very upset when questioning turned to his allegedly abusive relationship with Rihanna. Despite the volatile issue, no one saw it coming when Chris stormed offstage, throwing a chair at the studio window and ripping his shirt off outside!

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9. Nicolas Cage Gets Busted for Turning “Leaving Las Vegas” Into Reality

0404 nic cage g Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

Nic Cage had a few hits in the film department over the last few years, but apparently that wasn’t enough to rope in his wild side– the actor was arrested on counts of domestic abuse AND public drunkenness!

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8. Bringing Wardrobe Malfunctions Back

115399810 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

It seems like it’s been a few years since the last MAJOR celebrity wardrobe malfunction, but 2011 saw its fair share– with today’s top pop stars like Lady Gaga, Kelly Rowland and Nicki Minaj all experiencing their own public “slip-ups,” we saw more of these divas than anyone expected! What makes this bout of malfunctions interesting was their close timing and the fact that some of these ladies– Gaga especially– are known for being provocative whenever possible… could it be Gaga’s slip was intentional, and she set the trend as a new celeb fashion statement? The jury’s still out on that one…

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7. Anthony Weiner Texts Nude Pictures and Gets Caught

115297247 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner was probably the last person anyone would have expected to be caught sending lewd photos of himself via text message. The charismatic politician may have stepped down from office after the scandal, but the most shocking part was that his wife stayed with him– after announcing she was pregnant with his child!

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6. Throw Alec Baldwin From the Plane

alec baldwin words with friends 2011 12 07 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

One of the year’s more recent celeb freakouts took place when Alec Baldwin was kicked off his American Airlines flight after getting into a verbal scrap with the flight attendants before takeoff.

The 30 Rock star refused to turn off his phone and end his round of Words With Friends while the plane was waiting to take off, and his altercation with the flight attendants lead to him being ejected from the flight! American Airlines was excepting an apology from Baldwin, but they got what they really deserved– a spoof on SNL!

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5. Cheaters, Cheaters and MORE Cheaters!

resized arnold schwarzenegger1 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

I guess celeb infidelity is pretty par for the course– it seems like there’s a new couple on the outs due to cheating all the time– but there were some MAJOR cheating scandals in 2011. Whether it was Vanessa finally splitting with Kobe after his latest alleged affair, Ashton getting the boot after cheating on Demi on their anniversary, or Arnold’s shocking secret love child with a maid, which split up his long-running marriage with Maria Shriver!

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4. That’s Alot of Naked Pictures

scarlett1 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

If there was one “theme” to 2011’s celeb scandals, it had to be naked celebs!  And one of the main sources for the nude photos lighting fire to the internet and tabloids was hacked cell phones– the list of hacked victims this year included Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens (again), Mila Kunis and Chris Brown… that’s a lot of naughty photos for a single year!

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3. Lindsay Fought the Law (and the Law Won)

126277531 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

Lindsay Lohan was one busy lady in 2011. But her dance card was filled with more tabloid exposure and court drama than movie roles! Let’s run things down for LiLo’s year:

She stole a necklace, was under house arrest, violated her probation, spent some time behind bars (and some time IN bars, apparently!), did community service at a morgue, and sued [mp3com-artist]Pitbull[/mp3com-artist]– WOW, I am exhausted just listing all that!!

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2. Justin Bieber Is Not Your Baby Daddy

125514478 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

The last person I expected to be embroiled in a paternity scandal this year was Justin Bieber, but that’s just what happened thanks to Mariah Yeater. While The Beeb was cleared of all accusations after Yeater was caught crying paternity to her ex-BF Robbie Powell at the same time– this was one of the year’s most shocking, out-of-left-field controversies!

>>NEXT: The KING of Celeb Meltdowns is…

1. Charlie Sheen Gets Fired From Two and a Half Men… and Goes CRAZY!!

103207028 Dity Laundry: The Craziest Celeb Meltdowns & Scandals of 2011

2011 was certainly a wild year for Charlie Sheen, and he was hands-down the KING of scandal in 2011! Sheen’s very public meltdown led to him being fired from Two and a Half Men (leaving behind so much bad blood that the creators had his character killed between seasons!).

But it didn’t end there– Sheen’s wild rants started to gain traction on Twitter and ended with the actor doing a nationwide rant tour!

Goddesses, and Tiger Blood and WINNING– Oh, My!!

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