Last week, Adam Lambert sat down with fans to discuss his latest single and the rumors of a possible Queen performance.

“‘Better Than I Know Myself’ is about any type of relationship where you’re saying to your partner or significant other, ‘Look, I’m sorry if I don’t always tell you this. I’m sorry if I was a jerk, but I need you. I’m not going anywhere. You have nothing to worry about. You actually know me better than I know myself.'”

Lambert further explained the song and the video.

“We’ve all been in relationships where we’ve felt insecure. So it’s always nice to hear and to feel that security and safety with a partner,” he said. “The video we decided to flip it. It’s different than the actual first listen of the song, which is about a relationship. We made the video about a relationship with yourself.”

Lambert said the concept of him using the persona of light and dark within the music video mirrors how each person has both sides to their personality.

“I think everybody had dark and light in their personality on some level and I wanted to make two extreme metaphorical representations of that,” he said. “I don’t actually meditate, but it’s part of the storytelling. The light side, he’s content. He’s found things that he is happy about. He knows how to be with himself and be peaceful and at ease. Everything’s sunshiny and nice and easy.”

Lambert’s portrayal of the dark side showcases his character not being able to find peace.

“He’s very antsy, he’s pissed off and frustrated. He’s trying to find something to make him feel something,” he said. “At the end of the video, what it’s saying is that you need both sides to coexist, to feel like a complete person.”

It has been confirmed that Adam Lambert will front Queen for the band’s headline set at Sonisphere 2012 rock festival this summer. The second day of the festival, Lambert will take the stage once again with Queen at Knebworth Park, north of London, in Stevenage. Knebworth is the location of Queen’s historic last performance with Frieddie Mercury in 1986.

Lambert has sung with Queen previously on American Idol as well as at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

“The thing about the whole Queen thing is that I can’t actually confirm or deny anything yet because I made a promise,” he admitted.

Though he couldn’t give them the answer they wanted to hear at the time, one fan asked if he would channel Freddie Mercury, were he to act as Queen’s frontman.

“I think it would be disrespectful to Freddie Mercury to try to copy him. I don’t think that’s the idea of any sort of tribute. I think the idea is to bring the songs to life with an energy that maybe he would be approving of.”


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