Gina J’s Dirty Laundry For 3/5

140634688 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Lindsay Lohan hosted “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend and she received mixed reviews.  She was supposed to sing the opening monologue but they changed that at the last minute.  People made comments that Lindsay kept reading the teleprompter but the ratings were HUGE….as a matter of fact…

It was the second highest-rated episode of the entire season. (First was Charles Barkley)

Lohan will star in a new “sexual thriller” from the producer of Madonna’s W.E.Kris Thykier.

140070531 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Kim Kardashian has finally donated money from her wedding gifts to charity.  She actually doubled the amount and donated $200,000.  Here’s what she said: ”I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift.  It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation …”
140280481 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Snooki is engaged!!!  We found out last weekend she was pregnant…can you say reality spin-off for Snooki and Jionni and a televised wedding????  Hope it lasts more that 72 days.

130007923 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa Lachey are expecting their first child.  Nick announced this morning while co-hosting “Live! with Kelly.”
136306142 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak has released her first country single.  Click HERE to listen to “Love Me First”.  Nothing will beat her “Tardy For The Party” lol….her new single is terrible!!!

139412098 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s custody war continues.   Last week she even fired her attorney because he played too nice.  But now Gabriel is asking for alot of money.  He filed legal docs asking the family law judge to force Halle to give him $15,000 – $20,000 a month so he can get a new house that would be appropriate to something their daughter is accustomed to. He wants money for her clothes and money to take Nahla to Canada to visit his family.

138883616 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Nude cell phone photos surfaced over the weekend for 2 celebrities.  Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is one and she had alot of breast shots on the phone.  She denies it’s here naked.

140101760 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

And “Parks and Recreation” star Olivia Munn is the other.  She denies the nude photos too.

140659572 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

When Katy Perry’s song “Part Of Me” came out everyone thought that it was about her break up from Russell Brand.  She says that people told her to lie and say the song was about Russell but she’s saying it’s not.  She wrote the song in 2010 before the breakup from Russell…

“Some people that I work with were like ‘You should say you wrote it a couple weeks ago, I’m like, ‘I’m not a douchebag. I’m going to tell the truth.”

50716409 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

The London Sun is claiming that Whitney Houston had a secret affair with Jermaine Jackson back in 1984 but it ended a year later when Jermaine refused to leave his wife so Whitney broke it off.

140635570 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Donald Trump fired George Takei last night on “Celebrity Apprentice”.  Next week he will fire 2 celebrities.

137049229 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

Demi Moore landed in LA on a private jet last night.  She was in rehab and then on vacation in Turks and Caicos. Click HERE to see pictures of her arrival.

140653384 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

So when you’re a celebrity and you have security issues while visiting a theme park with your kids, what do you do????  Well, when you’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you just build your own in your backyard!!!  An eco-friendly one of course….

They will be building the park on the grounds of their chateau in the south of France and it will be powered by sunlight. Water used in the theme park will also be recycled.

A source says:  “There’s a massive pool, slides, tunnels, boat rides, a pirate island with a castle, a go-kart track and even an old-fashioned carousel…oh, and a mini train that goes around the whole park!!!

140704368 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/5

  • Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, $70.7 million
  • Project X, $20.8 million
  • Act of Valor, $13.7 million
  • Safe House, $7.2 million
  • Tyler Perry’s Good  Deeds, $7 million

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