Not only did Adam Lambert thrill his fans in Hartford two amazing songs at our exclusive Acoustic Cafe, he also talked on-stage with Gray and Christine from Craig and Company… asking questions sent in by our listeners! Get the full scoop from Adam’s amazing Acoustic Cafe…

Adam gave us a few little insights into his upcoming album “Trespassing”– along with an answer about that mysterious pomegranate that appears in the video for “Better Than I Know Myself.”

Adam played his first song, “Better Than I Know Myself” which heated thing up and really got the crowd going. Adam didn’t seem to mind, joking “I don’t mind being a little hot.”

Adam talked about how great his experience was working with Nile Rodgers (the most down-to-Earth guy he has ever met), the likelihood he would come back to the stage– or even Broadway– and a tidbit on his “little gig” with Queen…

From there, Adam treated the audience to an acoustic take on his smash hit “Whataya Want From Me?” and the crowd went wild!  This was an Acoustic Cafe for the history books, and by the end of the show, when Adam asked “Whataya Want From me?” everybody in the room had the same answer– one more song!!

Comments (11)
  1. katskreati says:

    Love adam…he is amazing…and beautiful…please play his Better Than I Know Myself…and if you have not heard the remix of that song by Robert Marvin…OMG…talk about a hot, funky get off you behind groove….it is fantastic…play that too…audience who loves dance music will love that…hard hitting. Live streaming you guys…want to hear Adam!

  2. Karen D says:

    Who in this world can be so gorgeous, charismatic, genuine, humble and sincere and also be the best singer in the world? Adam Lambert thats who!!!!!!!!! There is no one like him in the world!!!! Can’t wait for his new CD “TRESPASSING” to drop, sometime in MAPRIL!!!!!!!!

  3. Lili says:

    WOW!!! Great videos 🙂 Such a sweet, smart and talented artist.

  4. Lina says:

    I LOVE Adam!! He’s such a fantastic singer and person… *sigh*
    I also liked that that woman included Tommy a little bit

  5. Thanks for the awesome video!

  6. Great performance, thanks for posting! Must have been unbelievable live!

  7. Keisha says:

    It’s been forever since I’ve seen Adam Lambert, what a charmer and an amazing singer! Got to check out his new music!

  8. Deb Brown says:

    Thank you so much for having Adam Lambert perform at The Russian Lady in Hartford. He’s an amazing artist with great stage presence. I have been a fan since Adam’s audition on American Idol Season 8. He certainly is iconic and I know in my heart, without a doubt, he will be legendary. I loved his 1st album “For Your Entertainment”. His new album with be out April/May “Trespassing” and I already love the songs he’s previewed from it. Again, thank you so much 96.5 TIC

  9. Kathy (@PerkiKat) says:

    I can’t begin to thank you enough 965TIC for bringing Adam Lambert to Hartford! What an amazing event! Adam was gorgeous as always and so engaged with the audience. Christine, you did a great job with the questions (and you asked Adam mine!) and I loved how you got Tommy involved. It was so nice to hear him talk and joke around! Something we don’t usually get to see. You can tell Adam enjoyed it! This was an evening to remember forever! Adam’s vocals were so beautiful. And he even signed my studded leather jacket for me at the M&G! Adam is one of the nicest and most talented artists to come around in a long, long time. Thank you again, 965TIC for making this happen … and in Hartford! Kudos to The Russian Lady too, they provided a great venue and everyone there was so nice to the fans. Thank you!

  10. Paulette Niehoff says:

    Thank you so much 96.5 TIC for making such a memorable event for everyone in attendance. The Russian Lady was a lovely venue for the performance and meet and greet. Everyone from 96.5 TIC and The Russian Lady was very helpful and friendly making the whole experience so enjoyable. Of course Adam Lambert is an amazing performer with such beautiful connections to his fans. Seeing him is always so inspiring. Getting to see his interactions with Tommy Joe Ratliff was fun for us all. It was great being there in such a casual environment. Thank you so much!

  11. Barbara says:

    Adam is coming back with a BANG! Snippets released sounded awesome! Can’t wait for the album to drop and for him to go on a world tour again!

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