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140696364 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

Russell Brand has a warrant out for his arrest.  On Monday, Russell grabbed a paparazzo’s iPhone in New Orleans and threw it through a window of a law office.  Russell offered to pay for the window but now New Orleans PD has a misdemeanor warrant for… simple criminal damage to property against Russell.

138778589 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

Rumors are that Bobbi Kristina is engaged to Whitney Houston’s “adopted son”.  The two confirmed they are dating and made a public appearance holding hands.  And it looks like she has an engagement ring on her ring finger!!

Whitney Houston‘s mom Cissy Houston is UPSET with the relationship and feels that the “adopted son” Nick is taking advantage of her.  Nick and Bobbi used to call eachother brother and sister.  Cissy is trying to take legal steps to get him evicted from Whitney’s home — where Bobbi Kristina is also living.

139932452 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

HBO has cancelled “Luck” after the latest horse death.  A third horse died yesterday during production of the show.  Dustin Hoffman starred in the series.

139763284 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

Pauly D will be deejaying at Snooki’s baby shower but she also wanted him to spin in the delivery room!! He says: “She (Snooki) told me she wants me to deejay the delivery room. I told her I’ll just deejay the baby shower.

140109759 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

Jennifer Lopez isn’t going to be too happy about this I don’t think.  Her manager Benny Medina says that Jennifer never has real meaningful relationships because she lets obsessive guys pursue her and she jumps right in and doesn’t let relationships naturally happen!!

“The thing that I always sort of wished is that she would give herself time to just naturally meet someone, instead of having obsessive guys pursue her,” says  Medina. “The ease with which that obsession becomes a relationship I think  sometimes works against her ability to have a real meaningful relationship. And  she never half does anything. When she commits to anything in her work, her  life, or her relationships, she is in it.”
107932556 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth are both denying the infidelity rumors that led to their divorce.  There were rumors he was cheating.

“There are rumors out there which are completely untrue and hurtful to our family. We just want to make it very clear – there are no third parties involved.”

139487965 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

Rihanna has addressed why she did a couple of songs with Chris Brown.  She explains: “The first song that came about was ‘Birthday Cake.’ I mean we ended up recording them at the same time and executing them together, but I reached out to him about doing ‘Birthday Cake‘ because that’s the only person that really-it made sense to do the record. Just as a musician despite everything else that was going to be the person. You know I thought about rappers, and I’ve done that so many times, and the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track, and then in turn he was like ‘Why don’t you do the remix to my track?’ and it was a trade off. We did two records. One for my fans. One for his fans, and that way our fans can come together. There shouldn’t be a divide. You know? It’s music, and it’s innocent.”

115072087 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

CBS has announced that they will be renewing 15 series for next season:

2 Broke Girls

Mike & Molly

Person of Interest

Hawaii Five-0

Blue Bloods

The Good Wife


NCIS: LA Criminal Minds


The Mentalist

How I Met Your Mother

The Big Bang Theory


The Amazing Race

Undercover Boss

60 Minutes

48 Hour Mystery

Facing the chopping block



A Gifted Man

CSI: Miami


Rules Of Engagement

51847132 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

Watermelon-smashing comedian Gallagher suffered a heart attack last night before one of his shows.  He suffered a mild one about a year ago too onstage.

92587313 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville is writing a book about her divorce from Eddie Cibrian.

137235121 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/15

There are the Golden Raspberries awards for the worst movies and now comes the Soily Awards!!!  The award contains a toilet paper roll.

The Soily Awards not only highlight the worst of the worst of 2011’s cinematic dump, but they also highlight the movies that thought were incredibly pretentious and pompous.

The Sollies were created by Movieline and will be given out on March 23rd.

Russell Brand, Taylor Lautner, and Transfomers are nominees

The Brown Paycheck Achievement in Bad Acting A unisex award recognizing the most lopsided ratio of salary to quality.

Bradley Cooper, The Hangover Part II Harrison Ford, Cowboys and Aliens Nicole Kidman, Just Go With It Helen Mirren, Arthur Natalie Portman, Your Highness, No Strings Attached and Thor

The Shart Prize

A film that seemed like it might be bad but turned out much, much more aromatically awful than anyone could have imagined.



Shrugged: Part I

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

Your Highness


The Shit-the-Bed Award

Arguably the most prestigious Soily, this honor goes to the movie that, despite its pedigree and everything it had going for it on paper, nevertheless resulted in a massive failure to move the cultural needle or achieve anything remotely resembling entertainment.

Carnage, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Iron Lady, J. Edgar, War Horse


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