My Favorite Perfumes: A Tribute To The Under Appreciated Floral Scent

I went to Nordstroms in Westfarms Mall to return an item I’d purchased online and as I was walking through the perfume section, SOMETHING amazing happened.  I smelled something familiar, a scent that took me back to my childhood.  I stopped in my tracks and found myself staring at bottles of perfume.  I carefully opened each one until I found what I had been smelling…it was Chloe.  Here’s what Karen from the “Makeup and Beauty Blog”  so beautifully said about Chloe; “It’s not a new scent, having been around since at least 2008, but it’s new to me — a light and fresh floral with notes of freesia, mandarin orange, honey and tea rose. My nose also detects a bit of an edge to go with the fragrance’s girly side, a vibe that’s both feminine and urban and reflected in the bottle’s design.”

GALLERY: My Favorite Perfumes

So I bought the Chloe gift set at Nordstroms–it comes with perfume, lotion and a full atomizer for your purse for $115. (Which is the SAME price for JUST the perfume…get the set if you want a great deal.)  When I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about why Chloe so reminded me of growing up…and then it hit me like a ton of perfume bottles….Chloe reminds me of a grown up version of my FIRST perfume, “Lauren” by Ralph Lauren.

All these years I’ve never thought of myself as a “floral” scent kind of girl.  Oh no…I loved CKOne and clean, fresh, sporty, unisex fragrances..and yet, as I started to really remember the fragrances that smelled lovely on me–melted into my skin—they were all FLORAL and SPICY.  I desperately wanted Coco Chanel to smell good on me, especially since Marilyn wore it.  Alas, it smelled like a powder bomb had exploded on me.  Same thing with Jean Patou’s Joy, J’adore and Shalimar. Clinique’s Happy smelled like sunshine in a bottle on me, Jessica McClintock took me away…and Bobbi Brown’s Beach perfume truly is the ocean in a bottle…love it!   So here are my favorite perfumes of all-time…maybe it will help you find your favorite scent…after all, every woman should have her own signature scent, especially since spring is here. Oh, and one other thing…not to leave out the men:  I LOVE the old school Drakkar Noir, Krizia Uomo and Jazz by YSL…also Bond no 9 for Him is delicious on Him or HER!

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