Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows Movie Finally Gets a Trailer

It’s less than two months until Johnny Depp’s next movie hits theaters, and Dark Shadows– directed by Depp’s long-time buddy Tim Burton and based on the 1970’s horror-drama TV show– hasn’t even released a trailer… until now! There has been a lot of buzz around the movie, which features Depp as the vampire Barnabas Collins who wakes up after 200 years to “modern day” 1972… Despite some rather silly-looking images from the film Burton swears it’s not a comedy, and co-star Helena Bonham Carter called the film “impossible to sell” in a recent interview, but the brand new trailer most definitely insists it’s going to be one weird movie.

Fans of the original TV show are already in an uproar seeing their more serious cult favorite look so silly in the new movie, but I like it. I’m glad Burton decided to keep the 70’s vibe from the show which should make for even more weird and way-out settings, and making Depp’s Barnabas a “fish out of water” type, VERY unimpressed by his modern-day descendents seems like a great new angle for the story. So far this movie looks as over-the-top as anything from the Twilight series, but it’s pretty clearly taking itself way less seriously than Bella, Edward and co… what do you think– does this trailer make you want to check out the movie? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Annie Walker says:

    Looks like it’s better than either TV Series.Johnny’s a good Barnabas,if there’s some comedy,all the better.The cheesy original series could be laughable,too,but not intentionally.

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