By Gina J

138790091 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

The L.A. County Coroner announced that Whitney Houston’s cause of death was accidental drowning.  But the report also says heart disease and cocaine also led to her death.   The Coroner said the toxicology results suggested Whitney was a “chronic” cocaine user and that she used cocaine “immediately prior to her collapse.”   They believe the cocaine led to a heart attack and she passed out and accidentally drowned.   So now it raises the question of who provided her with the cocaine and did someone take cocaine out of the room before the cops arrivedThere were other drugs in her system — marijuana, Benadryl, Flexeril, and Xanax

One source who is close to the situation told TMZ that the person that gave her cocaine removed it from the room.

113308562 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Bobby Brown’s sister accused Ray J of being at the hotel and giving Whitney the cocaine.  He says the story isn’t true and that he wasn’t even there with her.

140310638 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Erika Van Pelt was let go on “American Idol” last night.  She chopped her hair off before Wednesday’s performance.
135466359 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Hilary Duff welcomed a son Tuesday night. They named the boy Luca Cruz Comrie.

135835129 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Tori Spelling is pregnant with her fourth child!!!  She just gave birth 5 months ago!!!
137141081 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Bradley Cooper, Ed  Helms and Zach Galifianakis will return for The Hangover Part III and the movie is set to be released on May 24, 2013

141718716 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Katy Perry‘s new man French model and musician, Baptiste Giabiconi, is thinking about moving to Los Angeles to be closer to her.

“He’s considering moving to LA, at least for some time,” a rep for Giabiconi,  who is signed to DNA Model Management and is also a singer, confirmed to Page  Six. “He’s really focusing on his music career from France, but he’s always  traveling for his modeling career.”

137776052 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Katharine McPhee’s “Smash” has been renewed for a second season.

138543728 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

The man who claims Lindsay Lohan hit him while she was driving her Porsche last week is asking for $100,000!!!  His lawyer , Mark Geragos, said that if she doesn’t settle they will release the video proving she hit him.  Lindsay isn’t paying so now the guy is trying to sell the video.  This could mean serious trouble for Lindsay since her probation doesn’t end until Thursday.  But other sources are saying that the guy is being investigated for insurance fraund in other cases.

138886090 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Martha Stewart will star in an April episode of Law & Order: SVU,  where she’ll play a private school headmaster.

141737581 Gina Js Dirty Laundry For 3/23

Kim Kardashian was flour bombed last night on the red carpet.  She was promoting her new fragrance line, True Reflection, when a woman came up behind her and poured flour all over her while shouting “Fur Hag!”  PETA claims they had nothing to do with it.  Kim was escorted away but came back to finish her interviews.  Kim decided not to press charged against the woman and she was released.


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