With the release of the fourth American Pie movie, American Reunion hitting theaters this Friday, many have questioned what the original cast has been up to since 1999 when the first movie was made!  As we all know– not all of the same cast members have been in the multiple other remakes and spinoffs of the movie within the past decade. Check out what the original cast has been up to between then and now!

With all the excitement that the world has for American Reunion to be released soon, some people can’t help but wonder besides their age, what else has changed about the original cast?  It has been over a decade since they have all be together in one movie but what have they been doing with themselves to survive?

Well, as expected most of the cast have been starring and taking on other roles in movies and TV sitcoms…

Alyson Hannigan aka “Band chick with the flute”

Has become a TV sitcom star with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother. She also is pregnant with her 2nd child!

alyson hannigan American Pie: Reunion (What Have They Been Up To?)

Jason Biggs, everyone’s favorite, has married his co-star from the movie My Best Friend’s Girl! He has starred in other movies such as Over Her Dead Body, Eight Below, and Wedding Daze!

jason biggs American Pie: Reunion (What Have They Been Up To?)

And we are sure everyone is excited to see Sean William Scott aka Stifler! He has been very busy over the past decade as well– besides announcing his engagement at the American Reunion premiere party, Scott has been in movies such as Role Models, The Rundown, Old School and many more!

stiffler1 American Pie: Reunion (What Have They Been Up To?)


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