By Gary Craig

Kris Allen called Craig and Company this morning to chat about his new single “Vision of Love,” plus Kris’ favorite new tunes right now, his sage advice for the next generation of upcoming musicians and more!  Hear the full interview right here…

Kris’ latest single has a strong anti-bullying message in the video, but the singer is quick to admit that wasn’t his original intention. “We didn’t mean for that to happen, but it kind of just happened,” Kris recalled. He is certainly not complaining, especially since he helped contribute to such a hot button issue as bullying prevention.

“We tried to bring these characters to life… I think people took from it an anti-bullying thing, it’s very cool and I’m glad people can relate to it in that way.”

Kris never really had an expectation for his post- American Idol career, but where he has been so far is definitely different than he thought it would be, but in a good way. The former Idol has certainly made good use of his time since the show, and like every artist, he has a “don’t do this” message for the next rising stars– remember to zip up your pants before you get on stage!

At a show with Lady Antebellum, a girl kept pointing at Kris’ crotch for the entire song… it turns out his zipper was down the entire time! Christine asked (in a nice way) if there’s too much to contain, to keep zipped up? “That’s of course the reason,” Kris quipped.

One of Christine’s favorite songs is Kris’ cover of Kanye West’s “Heartless,” which Kris loved to do– “I feel like I was taking a risk, and people weren’t expecting me to do something like that, and I feel like I really pulled it off.”

Speaking of other artists, who is Kris listening to these days? His favorite tune at the moment is the new Wallpaper song “The Best song Everrr,” a fun tune he called a “mind trip [that’s] crazy,” as well as the new Usher song “Climax.” An endorsement from Kris was enough motivation for Christine to download both songs from iTunes immediately, and Kris guaranteed she’ll love Wallpaper’s song– just because it has the F-word in it. Kris, you know us too well!


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