Kanye West pled guilty yesterday (May 30) to throwing an amp through a Times Square storefront window when a performance didn’t go according to plan.

Just to clarify the situation, we’re not talking about THE Kanye West. This particular person goes by Mrs. Kanye West.

Just to further clarify the situation, “Mrs. Kanye West” is not a pet name for Kim Kardashian. This young lady is a devoted fan who decided to pledge her loyalty as the greatest Yeezy fan of all time by legally changing her name.

Born Linda Resa, the 28-year-old aspiring entertainer was charged with criminal mischief in the third degree when she tossed her malfunctioning amp through a storefront window while attempting to perform on 41st Street and 7th Ave. West went wild just seconds into the start of her first song, a cover of Beyonce‘s “Video Phone,” when her amp shorted out.

“I was feeling cocky and powerful so when it happened I just flipped,” says West. “I threw the speaker and it hit the window. You know I didn’t see the window there because there were cops right there.”

West, who describes herself as “sweet, but with a little bit of an anger problem,” legally changed her name from Linda Resa to Kanye West in April 2011.

“There are a lot of girls who like him and I wanted to show that I’m more than them,” she said.

The name change isn’t her only ode to the almighty West. She also has “Kanye” tattooed across her entire rear end.

Mrs. Kanye West also has a distaste for the real Kanye’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. As they say, Tweets speak for themself:


Mrs. Kanye West is boiling over today after hearing rumors that the couple will be moving in together. Those tweets are a bit too explicit for us to mention.

Sadly, (the real) Kanye West only has room in his heart for one lady at the moment, Kim Kardashian.

kanye5 Kanye West (Not That One) Pleads Guilty To Times Square Amp Tossing; Hates Kim Kardashian

Courtesy of Gif Giving

E.J. Judge, CBS Local


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