Follow Friday: Chiddy Bang Shares Their Twitter Favorites

Since meeting at a Drexel dorm room in 2008, Chiddy Bang has entered the rap scene with class. The duo hit the ground running with their 2012 debut album, Breakfast. As Chiddy Bang prepares for a Summer tour with Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, while promoting their new single, “Mind Your Manners,” members Chiddy and Xaphoon Jones look into their Twitter timelines to spread the word about the five tweeters you should be following.

1. @ActionBronson

“He’s a rapper originally from Queens,” Xaphoon said. “He’s like a culinary wizard but also an amazing rapper. Super New York. Giant Albanian dude with a big red beard. Kinda looks like a Jewish Rick Ross. But he’s hilarious on Twitter. Often talks about various drugs and food that he’s eating. He’s the man.”

2. Chip the Ripper @Chip216

“He just gets stoned and tweets about conspiracy theories and all types of crazy things,” Chiddy said. “But more importantly, he’s a good friend of mine. Super chill laid back dude. He also has his own strand of weed. Literally his own [weed]. People in California made it for him, it’s called the Ripper OG.”

3. Lil B @LilBTheBasedGod

“He’s like the most hated artist,” Xaphoon explained. “All the other artists are less hated on than him. He’s an inspiration to all of them. When you think, I’m getting hated on. [Then] you think, ‘No, I’m not even getting 1/100 of the hate Lil B is getting.’ And he’s so positive.”

“He tweets about anything like spiders,” Chiddy explained. “[He says things like] ‘And I love all my cats.’ He signed his cat. Straight up to his record label.”

4. Meta World Peace @M_WorldPeaceMVP

“He is outrageous. I seen him tweet one time. He tweeted that he was having Thanksgiving dinner with his friend John. If you remember that brawl at the palace of Auburn Hills when he went into the crowd and punched a fan. It was the fan he punched,” Chiddy said. “He’s crazy. Meta World peace. He’s funny as hell.”

5. Bill Clinton

“I wish you could follow Bill Clinton on Twitter,” Xaphoon said. “If you could it would be like ‘Damn, look at that a**.'”

Check out the Video of Chiddy’s #Follow Friday choices below.

Erik Parker, CBS Local


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