Adele’s First Network TV Interview w/ Matt Lauer

NBC’s Matt Lauer was granted a rare media interview with grammy-award winner Adele about her astonishing music career, and her rise to fame for a special called ‘Adele: Live in London.’

‘I just want to make music, I don’t want people to talk about me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was sing’ she told Lauer.

She has gone on to win several Grammy’s since her debut album, 19 hit stores. In fact, this year she won six.  She now is releasing Adele: Live at Royal Albert Hall on CD & DVD.

Her first American performance was when she appeared on the Grammy Awards. “I had three or four pairs of Spanx on,” she joked.

Rumors always circulate about the Rolling in the Deep star, but the wildest rumor she heard was related to adoption. “I heard I was adopting an ethiopian child – that’s not true,” she told Matt Lauer.

Consistently dressed in a black wardrobe and living in the shadows, Adele likes to shy away from the lime light, even though Entertainment Weekly has just dubbed her the #1 Greatest Artists Right Now. “I don’t want to be a celebrity, I don’t want to be in people’s faces.”

As far as being recognized in public, she hasn’t had a crazy experience yet’The other day I walked through Trafalgar Square, tourist haven. I was a bit worried and I was in my pajamas because I’d been working the day before, I was in colour too, I’m always in black. I had floral tracksuit bottoms on and this massive green coat and some little pink pumps. Luckily …I was really scared but I had this massive umbrella. Nobody recognised me. A couple looked round but they were like no, she’s in colour and what would she be doing in Trafalgar Square on a Saturday in pyjamas?’

Over 20-million albums have been sold to consumers listening to the heartbreak of Adele. But the 24-year-old said that if one of her ex boyfriends did the same she would absolutely hate it.  ‘I’d f****** s*** myself. I’d be mortified. But also if they wrote songs about me, they’d be: ‘This song’s about Adele’. I’ve never given any names ever, but everyone’s going to know this song’s about me. No-one actually knows who my songs are about’

The full interview with Adele premieres on NBC tomorrow night at 8:00 on NBC. Below is a teaser of the interview:


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