Katy Perry’s Part Of Me– I Was At That Show!!

Last night I went to the Hartford premiere of Katy Perry’s new concert movie Part of Me, and portions of her November show at the XL in Hartford were shown. In the movie you get to see her struggle to get where she is, and you do get to see Russell Brand in the movie as well.

Katy would work for two weeks, then fly for three days to see Russell but their marriage began to crumble. And where did they start showing the stress of her relationship in the movie?… During the Hartford, CT show in November!!

Katy was seen laying down backstage and depressed… her staff asked if she wanted them to go away for 15 minutes so she could take a nap.  She said no, because of the meet and greet planned at the concert.  Her staff didn’t understand why she was so sad and that’s because she kept the divorce from them.   When we did the meet and greet with Katy at the show, she was running late and ran out of time to meet everyone.  Our group was asked to come back after the concert, which at the time seemed weird– pretty much every artist does their meet and greets before the performance.  After seeing the movie it makes total sense… and Russell filed for divorce about a month later.

Part of Me goes on to document Katy’s breakdown in Brazil before going onstage.  She couldn’t stop crying but finally put on a happy face and performed, because as the old saying goes, the show must go on.

Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D hits theaters July 5th.  If you were at Katy’s concert in Hartford back in November, keep your eyes peeled to see if you’re in the movie!!

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