Smells like Bon Jovi. Yes, the singer is the newest addition to the celebrity fragrance club.

Jon Bon Jovi has teamed up with Avon for a line of his and hers scents called “Unplugged.” The women’s version, due out in October, is a floral oriental perfume, while the men’s is a woody floral musk, on sale in November.

In a statement the company says the inspiration for the fragrance is “the unique feeling one has listening to a favorite song.”

So that got us thinking about Bon Jovi’s back catalogue and what it smells like to listen to some of the band’s biggest songs.

Below are four things we wish Jon Bon Jovi’s fragrance would have smelled like.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to want them, dead or alive.

Slippery When Wet

This new scent would combine the best elements from Bon Jovi’s 1986 album into one fragrance. The triple threat of leather (“Wanted Dead or Alive”), asphalt (“Wild in the Streets”) and tanning oil is perfect for both men and women.

Plus, the title of the band’s third studio album already sounds like it could be the name of an Axe Body Spray. And if you order two bottles of the fragrance, you get a free sample of Bon Jovi’s new hand cream. Unfortunately though it actually does get very slippery when wet.

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Jon Bon Jovi has never had a problem heading back to his birthplace of Sayreville, NJ and with this scent you’ll feel like you’re right there with him. The mixture of Aqua Net, violet (the state flower) and largemouth bass found in the Raritan River is like a love letter to Jersey. Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles appeared on a country version of the band’s 2005 song and because of that, the women’s perfume includes a splash of peach, in honor of the native Georgian.

I’ll Be There For You

Just like those five words Jon swore to you, this ballad inspired a fragrance with five distinct scents: dirt, birthday candles, sea water, conversation hearts from Valentine’s Day and a dab of Bon Jovi’s 2008 Heart & Dagger Pinot Grigio. Trust us, the one you love will definitely stick around after getting a whiff of this.

Tommy & Gina

Dedicated to the two lovebirds that inspired “Living on a Prayer,” these “his” and “hers” scents combine love and sweat. Since Tommy worked on the docks, the cologne is a fishy musk combined with a touch of plywood.  For all those Ginas out there bringing home the bacon this one literally smells like bacon mixed with other diner classics: French fries, strawberry milkshakes and a hint of Heinz. A little dab will do with this scent that never backs down, just like Tommy and Gina.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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