Looking for something to listen to? Aren’t we all. CBS Local asked pop sensation Olly Murs, fresh off his stint opening for One Directionin the U.S., to give us some playlist suggestions. And he brought a few surprising choices and one UK ballad we’d never heard.

“I really like David Guetta at the moment,” Murs started. “Randomly for me. David Guetta probably isn’t the kind of artist that my fans would probably say that I like, or even my friends and family, but I really like his music at the moment. I like the remixes I’ve been downloading, the Nicki Minaj [track, “Turn Me On”]. I think he’s done some really great songs this past year.”

Naturally he had to mention his pals in One Direction.

“One Direction of course, I’m on their tour. I’m obsessed with their songs at the moment.”

And he picked a classic we knew he had to be a fan of.

“‘Forget You,’ Cee Lo Green? Think it’s a great song. I love it because it’s a bit cheeky…but it’s a little bit of a dig at that girlfriend, you know, forget you but we all know that it’s f-you. I love the concept behind it and it’s one of them songs I really wish I’d wrote.”

This one we didn’t know at all, but it sounds like Murs is someone you don’t want to break up with…or else!

“There was a song called…it’s Another Level wrote it, an old UK boy band. They wrote a song called ‘Guess I Was A Fool For Loving You.’ It’s that kind of…whenever I break up with someone, it’s always the end of it. I’m never like, ‘That’s it, I’m going to go back to them.’ If they don’t want to be with me anymore, they’ve upset me then…if anyone upsets me, that’s it. I can’t forgive them if it’s really bad. I’m just like, ‘Yeah, see you later.'”

Finally, we asked Murs what his pick for the summer song for 2012 was. He didn’t go Carly Rae, but he did pick a good one.

“I’d probably say, I think because — I don’t think she’s realized it just yet — but I think Rita Ora is going to be the sound of the summer. I think she’s got some great songs coming out. I think she’s hit hard the last couple of months.”

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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