In addition to releasing mega-hits, signing new artists, and getting chased by paparazzi (lucky for Biebz the photographer in his recent car chase was just charged), Justin Bieber will be financing an iPhone and iPad app.

Mashable reports that Stamped just released a new version of their app, which allows users to keep track and share the things they like with friends and others within the Stamped network. It includes the option to like everything from restaurants and books to films and other apps.

The app was first launched in November as a way to tap into the recommendations of the people you know and famous tastemakers. After the initial download, users are given 100 stamps to provide recommendations to their favorite places and things. Facebook and Twitter can also be linked and with the amount of Beliebers out there we’re thinking Bieber’s latest album just may rake in the most stamps of everything featured in the app.

Those diehard Beliebers recent got behind Bieber en masse when Nickelodeon star Drake Bell insulted the singer. Earlier this month Bell’s Twitter was allegedly hacked when a tweet was sent to Katy Perry stating it was ridiculous for artists who have been out for five years to release a film.

The actor and singer took to Twitter shortly after to apologize, but wound up creating even more drama.

Bieber’s fans are known for being die-hards and after the diss Bell started receiving death threats and even retweeted a few while remarking, “Parents need to read what their children are tweeting!! (wags finger) bad parent bad parent.”

Perhaps as a way to calm his fans and call a truce Bieber took to Twitter.

Though his fans are still distraught out of Bell poking fun, they will be happy to know that his new video for “As Long As You Love Me” is due for release very soon and he tells fans “when u see this video it won’t let you down.”

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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