On July 26 in Charlotte, North Carolina Jon and Corie Martin became husband and wife at a Train concert. And believe it or not, the band had a lot to do with it.

Earlier this month, drummer Scott Underwood tweeted he had become an ordained minister thanks to the online ministry, Universal Life Church. He teased that surprises were coming soon and last week he made good on his promise, performing his first wedding ceremony during the band’s U.S tour.

In a fan video from the night’s show, it seems Pat Monahan and the guys bring out all the stops. From a light display that looks a lot like stained glass church windows to Underwood donning some very priestly garb, these guys want only the best for their fans.

You can even hear Underwood confirm what is going on when he states, “This is real by the way. This is really happening,” to a round of applause.

The happy couple didn’t just get Underwood to officiate, but were serenaded by a mini-choir, featuring Monahan and guitarist, Jimmy Stafford along with two lovely female vocalists singing, “Chapel of Love.”

But it wasn’t all serious moments, there were some laughs too. Specifically when the drummer slipped up by calling the groom a “she,” before apologizing: “A typo, I swear to God.”

In the end the two, both dressed in white, kissed and made it official.

Monahan seemed touched by the first on-stage wedding that they were able to be a part of. “Those two are super in love and super nice to each other,” Monahan told the crowd. “And they gave us $26,000.” “No, I’m just kidding,” the singer said, as the audience laughed. “It was around 24.”

The couple seemed pretty happy with the ceremony, tweeting:

Want Train to perform your wedding? The guys are asking fans to send a short video telling them how you met and what special connection you, as a couple, have to the band. You’ll also have to let them know what show you’d like to attend of the many coming up – they’re on tour until the end of September.

Go here for more information on how you could get Train to marry you at one of their upcoming concerts.

But whether you win or not, the band recommends you add them to your wedding playlist: “We hear that “Marry Me” is a great song to dance to as newlyweds!”

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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