By Gina J

Timberlake apologizes to the homeless in his wedding video! Weezy has a mid-flight scare! Plus, Usher’s 12k dog,  and the world’s top-earning celebrities…from beyond the grave!!! It’s all in today’s Dirty Laundry!

Justin Timberlake is apologizing for the homeless video that his friend made as a joke for his wedding. Justin says he had nothing to do with making the video and it wasn’t shown at the wedding. He says his friend is a good person who used poor judgment. Justin says, “I think we can all agree that it was distasteful.” Justin ends the letter, writing, “You can bet your ass that I’m having my friend do at least 100 hours of community service… Boom. I am deeply sorry to anyone who was offended by [it].” Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it…

And here they are!! Wedding photos from Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s wedding. She wore pink and her bridesmaids wore white! Check out the photos!

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News

Meat Loaf butchered “America the Beautiful” yesterday at Mitt Romney’s campaign event … WOW listen to him sing and everyone’s reaction…


143536761 Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th

(Photo by Riccardo Savi/Getty Images)

Private photos of “Modern Family’s” Sofia Vergara are up for sale. Someone hacked or stole photos from her boyfriends phone and her legal team is trying to stop the sale. “The photos show Sofia in her bathroom and the bedroom, and, while they are personal, they are not fully revealing. But her management team are doing their best to make sure they do not become public.”

154148223 Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th

Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

Conan the Barbarian launched Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie career in 1982, and now he is going to reprise his role in Universal Pictures’ The Legend of Conan.


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Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images Sport

Lil Wayne made an emergency landing in Texas after suffering seizure-like symptoms on a private jet. That was the original story but his rep is saying that it was a seizure. It was a severe migraine and dehydration that hospitalized him but he’s since been released.

133050721 Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th

MAX NASH/AFP/Getty Images

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were seen out again last night at a Prince concert. Also at the show…the lead singer for Foster the People…he got kicked out for using his cell phone but begged his way back in. Here’s a picture of Kristen and Rob…

151849897 Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th

Patrick Smith/Getty Images Sport

Michael Phelps is still in partying mode and decided to crowd surf in an inflatable raft at a club last night. Um, yeah, he fell backwards and landed on his ass…watch the video…

102668695 Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th


Lindsay Lohan’s longtime publicist Steve Honig has called it quits over tension with Lindsay’s dad.

153100926 Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th

Chris McKay/Getty Images Entertainment

Diddy’s rep has released a statement over his injuries from the accident he was involved in: “Sean Combs sustained multiple injuries in yesterday’s car accident including to his neck, ribs and collarbone. He is currently receiving treatment for these injuries from his physicians and would like to thank all of his fans for the outpouring of support that he has received since the accident.”


screen shot 2012 09 24 at 12 57 29 pm Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th

(Photo Credit: Chris McCay/Getty Images)

Usher bought a dog for $12,000 last night!!! It’s all for charity though…he bid on a dog last year and lost. The family that outbid him last year named the dog Usher…he didn’t want to lose again this year…he won the goldendoodle puppy.

93216337 Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th


Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston, is getting married this weekend to his new baby mama. They have a daughter together, Breeze Beretta…yes, named after a gun.


102596594 Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson has lost 60 pounds!!! Check out her latest pictures on the way to the gym…

elizabeth taylor Gina J’s Dirty Laundry October 26th

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Forbes has released the annual report of the world’s top-earning celebrities….dead ones…here’s what they’ve made in the last 12 months:
1. Elizabeth Taylor – $210 million
2. Michael Jackson – $145 million
3. Elvis Presley – $55 million
4. Charles Schultz – $37 million
5. Bob Marley – $17 million
6. John Lennon – $12 million
7. Marilyn Monroe – $10 million
8. Albert Einstein – $10 million
9. Theodor Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Suess) – $9 million
10. Steve McQueen – $8 million
11. Bettie Page – $8 million
12. Richard Rogers (song writer) – $6 million
13. George Harrison – $5.5 million


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