By Gina J

Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrell called Gina J for an exclusive interview! Brian talked about the recent world tour with New Kids on Block, the Backstreet Boys’ upcoming 20th anniversary – and what the future holds for the group!

Last year the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block formed the super group NKOTBSB, and embarked on a world tour across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The tour ended in June of this year.  “I grew up listening to those guys, I never knew I would grow up and be one,” explained Brian. “I think BSB and NKOTB really flipped the script when it came to the touring industry. It was a really cool combination.” The singer noted that by having the two bands together, they were really able to bridge the generational gap.  “It was just crazy to have two generations of fans coming together.  At the end of that tour, what you see on Twitter is that all the New Kids fans love BSB, and all the BSB fans love New Kids.”

It is hard to believe but the Backstreet Boys are approaching their 20th anniversary as a group.  Formed in April of 1993, Brian talked about how quickly time has passed.  “It’s crazy to think about it. A lot of my friends that I know really well, they still don’t get it. When they look at me and I am like, we have our 20 year anniversary coming up, their jaws just drop! A lot of fans do the same thing!” Brian talked about a recent experience he had with a fan–“I ran into somebody at the gas station the other day, I was filling up my truck, and this girl is like, ‘Oh my god, I have always wanted to meet you.’ We started talking and she said, Oh my gosh, I was like four when you guys came out… twenty years that makes me feel so old!”

Brian’s response?  “Well how do you think it makes me feel?”

While Brian noted that most fans are not as “fanatical and crazy” as they were twenty years ago, there are still moments that remind him of those times. “We still get choked out by grandmothers sometimes,” he joked.“They will grab you and say let me take a picture please, and then you will have to take twenty five [pictures] with them.”  However, Brian was very appreciative to all the fans that have followed BSB for the past two decades. “It’s a cool impact to have on people’s lives through music.We do something that we love, and it’s the reason that we love it so much, and our fans love it so much, that we are still able to do it after 20 years.”

How has Brian been able to balance his family life with the BSB for the past two decades? “Work is work. It’s important to spend quality time with those things that you want to be successful in your life,” he explained. “I spend a lot of quality time with the Backstreet Boys.  I spend a lot of quality time with my wife and my family because I want that relationship to be successful as well. It’s just a time management thing, it’s not always easy but it’s life.”

The Backstreet Boys have a lot planned next year for their 20th anniversary, and Brian gave a few hints on what we can expect.  “We are in the studio working on a brand new [album]. We’ve probably recorded thirty songs already,” he teased.  “We are looking to having a single out in the springtime.” He also hinted at a huge tour next year as well…

…And for all those die-hards who have followed BSB for the past 20 years, Brian had some good news: “Backstreet Boys are not planning on stopping.”

The Backstreet Boys will be at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods December 28th.  Tickets are on sale now!


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