Sexy-and-they-know-it duo LMFAO have split to focus on solo projects for the time being and Sky Blu stopped in on B96/Chicago where he revealed the details of his new album.

And while his first single, “Pop Bottles” is an LMFAO style-banger, Blu revealed that we almost got a rock album from him.

“We have about two albums. The second album, follow me if you can follow me here,” Blu grinned and instructed, “the second album I made with some of my friends…and it was real rock — it was just different. It was different music because I’ve been doing electro for so long. I was like, ‘Yeah man, this is dope!’ And then I sat back and listened to it and I said, ‘Oh man, people ain’t gonna to expect this from me.’ So I said, ‘Let me get back to my roots.'”

But Blu’s roots are expanding — as he elaborated, his forthcoming album, whose name he declined to reveal, will have more than you expect from the party hound. And, interestingly, that he’s already got his next album planned.

“This first album, which is the second album for me, has about 4 to 5 uptempo bangers, like ‘Pop Bottles’ type stuff. We have some serious hip-hop records on there. And we have some really kind of groove records. The last record on the album is something called ‘Wild Side,’ which is me and Mark [Rosas] and it’s just a soulful record. It shows what the next album’s gonna be.”

While many details are still shrouded in secrecy, Blu did give up the release date: Independence Day 2013. He also revealed that among many guest appearances, we can expect one from Riff Raff.

“Me and Foo are both creative leaders…we have a real strong vision for LMFAO and for ourselves. So being able to flex that I can rap and I can do other little things, it feels really good. I have some great, great features. I got Riff Raff. I’m gonna stop there.”

The lead single features vocals from Mark Rosas and production by Big Bad — and has been popping up in clubs everywhere.

Don’t call it a break-up. Blu was quick to confirm that there will be new material from LMFAO in the future.

“All I can say to that is we’re family. We’re cut from the same cloth,” Blu said, laughing. “I feel that if there is [any competition] it’s just healthy. Me and him, we’re not competing against each other but of course fans and people are going put it up like that. And hey, all good. I love [Red] Foo, that’s my man. I learned so much from him and so I wish him nothing but the best.”

-Courtney E. Smith,


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