Adam Levine & James Valentine Talk Maroon 5’s Tour, Adam Being A Pain

Craig & Company were backstage at Mohegan Sun with Maroon 5 this weekend, and Christine Lee asked Adam Levine and James Valentine a few questions before they hit the stage for their sold-out concert.

A quote about Adam once said he is a pain in the ass, but not an a******, a description that James believes is quite accurate. “I think that’s fair,” he said. “He’s a major pain in the ass a lot of the time.”  Adam couldn’t really argue the point, especially as he recalled an interview he did recently about his fashion line.  He gave the reporter a hard time when asked about the line, calling the line “like me, but with boobs and a vagina.”  Adam meant the quip as a joke, and even though it has since gone viral he admitted “I was a little rough on her, I felt bad.”

Not far off from the clothing line, Levine also recently released a fragrance, which he was wearing at the concert, although he’s not interested in being his own salesman for these side projects.  “It smells good. It’s very citric,” he said, adding.  “I don’t like to plug things. I am really trying to subvert this whole brand thing, by just doing everything the opposite of what people do. So yea, it smells pretty good. You should check it out if you feel like it!”

Levine was much more open to talking about his tour, and he explained exactly how Maroon 5 makes sure each one of their concerts is a unique and fun experience.  “Every time we do a show we try to outdo ourselves so this show is definitely just the biggest and best we have ever been,” Levine asserted. “We like to always try to up the ante for our fans and for ourselves every time.”

After their stint touring the US, Maroon 5 weill be heading to Europe for the next leg of their journey, which Adam believes will be a great experience.  “We are really excited about touring there,” he stated.  “Paris will be cool, UK will be cool. We are playing in Amsterdam which will be awesome.”  Female fans in Holland have a history of being brash, accosting their favorite celebrities on the streets, lifting up their shirts and similar wild behavior, although Adam and James aren’t counting on any crazy shenanigans.  “That element is usually absent at our shows,” said Adam.  However James jokingly added “Why not? We encourage our fans to do it if they want to.”

“If they are of age,” Adam added.

Levine was keeping mum about what comes next wehn the band returns from Europe, but he and James did participate in a little game of (SEO friendly) lightning round trivia, as well!

What is your favorite car?

ADAM: “1966 Ferrari 330 GTC.”

What is your favorite animal?

JAMES: “Tiger.”

What is your favorite move?

JAMES: “The Big Lebowski.”

ADAM: “The Big Lebowski is a good one, but ET: The Extraterrestrial of course!”

Listen to the full interview here:

–Tyler Roman & Bill Sencio, 96.5 TIC/ Hartford

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