By Gina J

What celeb couple is Simon Cowell courting for ‘The X Factor’?  What pop singer is writing songs about sex, with her mom??? Find out, plus how the Girl Scouts shut down Honey Boo Boo and lots more in today’s Dirty Laundry!

Who will replace Britney Spears and L.A Reid on The X Factor??   If Simon Cowell has his way it will be Katy Perry and John Mayer!  He’s offered them $10 million each to join the show.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new woman in his life.  Her name is Heather and she’s a high-profile physical therapist.  They were seen having a romantic dinner in Santa Monica over the weekend.  And the following day they were out having brunch…. Here’s the pictures…

Marc Anthony moves fast.  He broke up with his girlfriend about a month ago and now has a new girlfriend that he’s introduced to his kids.  Marc who is 44 took his kids and his new 21 year old girlfriend to Disneyland!!!   Guess he had to outdo Jennifer in the age difference department??   And the 21 year old is RICH!!!  Her name is Chloe Green and she’s the daughter of UK billionaire Sir Philip Green, whose estimated net worth is $5 billion!!  How rich is her family??  Well her dad dropped $6 million on his son’s Bar Mitzvah!!!  Check out the pictures of Marc and his new daughter…er, girlfriend.

Marc isn’t the only one…  Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was making out at an Oscar’s party with 22-year-old Hunger Games actress Leven Rambin!!!  Here’s the picture…

Lindsay Lohan has rejected a 30 day rehab plea bargain that would have kept her out of jail… she wants to go trial because she feels she did nothing wrong.

“Girls Gone Wild” has gone bankrupt … filing for Chapter 11 reorganization– but Joe Francis, the founder, says “it will be business as usual” for the porn company.

Russell Crowe has a new woman??  Reports he was getting very cozy with singer Natalie Imbruglia!!

Someone else spending some alone time in a hotel room together… Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran!!  He was seen leaving her room at 4am… hmmm

Stone Temple Pilots front man Scott Weiland says he had NO IDEA his band was planning to fire him and he said he can’t be fired because he can’t be fired from a group HE created.  He added, “Not sure how I can be ‘terminated’ from a band that I founded, fronted, and co-wrote many of its biggest hits, but that’s something for the lawyers to figure out.”

Ke$ha did an interview to talk about one of her new songs.  She said that her mom helps her write songs about boys and sex.  “We write songs about boys and sex together,” she said. “That may not be normal to the average psychiatrist out there but I think it’s pretty cool.”  And her song  “Gold Trans Am” isn’t just about a car… its’ about her lady part!  “It began as a song about my car, which is a gold Trans Am, and it works about 40 percent of the time,” Ke$ha told Q Magazine. “I don’t have another car because I love that one so much. But then like all great pop, it became a metaphor for something else — my p****.”

“My vagina is in tip-top working order,” she continued. “Valeted and souped-up and working 100 percent of the time.”

Holly Madison has said that after she gives birth she plans on having her placenta turned into pills and will take them because she heard women recover faster.  “This might sound gross, but I’m totally planning on having my placenta turned into pills I can take after giving birth,” the former Playboy model and Girls Next Door star wrote Wednesday on her blog. “I heard it helps women recover faster and I want to recover as quickly as I can!”

It’s Girl Scout cookie time and Honey Boo Boo decided to help her friend sell cookies through her Facebook page.  If you bought her cookies she’d even sign the box and you’d get a signed family photo of Alana, Mama June, Pumpkin, Chubbs, Chickadee and Sugar Bear!  Well, the Girl Scout’s put an end to it in Georgia because it defeats the whole purpose of selling the cookies– to teach girls all sorts of things, including goal setting, people skills, etc.  But the orders already placed will be honored.  Honey Boo Boo has been SHUT DOWN!!!


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