Out of the 14 songs featured on Michael Bublè’s new album, To Be Loved, five of them have the word “love” in the title. Though the topic is one most people can relate to, the Canadian crooner is quick to note that the record, out April 23, is not entirely a lovefest. In fact, he told Radio.com that his latest release is as much about being young and heartbroken as it is about being in love. Though one thing is ultimately true, a man with a love for life recorded it.

“I found happiness, in every way,” Bublè confirmed. “In my personal life, becoming a father and I think as a musician, trusting myself and my instincts.”

Bublè felt free while making the record, free of the pressures that sometimes plague an artist who’s trying to outsell a previous hit record. The singer’s last release, 2011’s Christmas, was the second best selling album of that year, coming in behind Adele’s 21.

“I made [To Be Loved] with people I love a lot,” he explained. “We just sat down and we all kind of made this wonderful authentic organic record together.”

Bublè covers a range of artists on the album incluing the Bee Gees, Dean Martin, the Jackson 5, Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder. The record also features four songs penned by the singer including “After All,” which features fellow Canuck Bryan Adams, and the album’s first single, “It’s A Beautiful Day.” Not that writing was always easy or even fun.

“I think [writing is] cathartic. It’s therapeutic. I don’t know if it’s fun,” Bublè said. “For me, I think writing is sort of like breathing. It’s something that’s just a part of me.”

One of the most talked about songs on To Be Loved is his duet with actress Reese Witherspoon. The two trade verses on Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s “Something Stupid,” a song Bublè has been looking to cover for a long time, but just couldn’t seem to find the right partner.

“She’s a powerful actress, an instinctual creature who understands subtext and I think that really turned me on to working with her,” he said. “She knew what the song was about…and understood that it wasn’t a love song.”

While other people think “Something Stupid” is about a great romance, Bublè begs to differ, explaining “it’s a song about a man who’s far more in love with a woman than she was with him and that she could be gone at any time.”

“There’s almost a sadness in that and a thrill because this is a huge feeling this guy has for her,” Buble explained. “When I finished [recording] I knew I had made the right decision because I thought we sounded great together. Kind of like butter.”

-Shannon Carlin, Radio.com

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