Damon Vs. The Craigslist Gas Thieves

Quick story I wanted to share… I was looking on Craigslist because I wanted to find something I can make into a little table for my front porch. I see this dude that has a pie cabinet– it’s a little shelf thing with a screen in the front, so when you put pies out to cool, animals can’t get at them.  I called the guy, and he gave me his address in New Britain, and I headed out to scope out the goods.

I pulled in front of his house– which is sure to be on Hoarders someday– and he says “Come in back, I wanna show you some more stuff!”  So I went in back with him, and left my car parked on the street.  I’m looking at all his stuff, thinking to myself ‘I don’t really need a giant, six foot Jesus or a bunny rabbit,’ so I take the pie thing and head back to my car…

A Pie Cabinet

A Pie Cabinet

Everything seems cool, but as I was driving down the road heading home, my gas light turned on– That’s when I realized… they took my gas!!!  I just filled the tank a day earlier, and somebody siphoned my gas tank while I was browsing this guy’s collection!

At least they left me enough gas to get out of New Britain… and if that’s the worst part of my day, on the global scale, I’m still doing pretty good… but just like that, my $20 table turned into a $50 table!!

Before I left the guy told me “I’ve got a bunch more stuff on Craigslist, if you ever wanna come back.”  And all I could think was “Yeah, right! I can’t afford the gas!!”


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