By Gina J

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj announced that they will not be coming back for another season of American Idol. Nicki will focus on her music she says and Mariah is about to announce a World Tour. Rumors are producers want to bring back Jennifer Lopez. What about Keith Urban? He says he’s return but doesn’t know anything yet. So far Jennifer Hudson has been signed.

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has struggled with substance abuse in the past and things were getting out of control again. He just got out of detox for a drug problem (heroin) and he’s already back doing a movie.

Who has Katie Couric dated? She was on the Howard Stern show and said she once went out on a date with Bob Saget but he never called after that date. And she went out once with “Survivor Host” Jeff Probst. She said: “I think he had puka shells on — that was kind of a weird thing.” Jeff never called her again but he responded to the story by saying her assistant set up the date and Katie never gave him her number so he didn’t want to call the assistant. And she said that Michael Jackson tried to get a date with Couric!

Dina and Michael Lohan had seemed to be nice to each other day but they had it out again and this time on TV!!! Seriously?? The two went on a talk show called “The Test” — a conflict-resolution talk show launching this fall that uses lie detectors and DNA tests to settle disputes. It got out of control between the two…Michael took both a lie detector and drug test BUT Dina refused so the two fought and she called for security to escort her out of the building!!! So much for family day this weekend at the Betty Ford Clinic.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s divorce continues. She wants money from his technology company he started AFTER they split. Ashton doesn’t think she should get any money but agreed to let her lawyers look at the financial records … but only if she signs a confidentiality agreement. She signed it…and the drama continues. She’s actually has more money than he does but she wants his!!

UFC legend Tito Ortiz is defending himself against claims from his ex-Jenna Jameson. She’s been tweeting that he physically attacked and almost killed her in February. She says he “faked” drug tests in order to fight in the UFC and that he is unfairly trying to strip her of custody of their 4-year-old twin boys. He says it’s all false.

Heidi Klum’s live finale of her show Germany’s Next Top Model had a problem last night. Two topless women ran onstage and up to Heidi. They had “HEIDI HORROR PICTURE SHOW” written on their bodies. Here are the pictures.

Looks like Anna Nicole Smith’s estate may finally get some money from her ex-millionaire husband that passed away. It’s been years that they’ve been trying to get money J. Howard Marshall’s fortune. Yesterday, a California judge said Anna’s 6-year-old daughter Dannielynn is entitled to sanctions against Marshall’s family. Could be $49 million.

Taylor Swift purchased that $17 million dollar mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island and now her neighbors are complaining. Her security team is bothering people and making it hard for people to on the public beach in front of her mansion. A source revealed:

“Now that summer has come and people are getting ready to use the beach, people are really grumbling about having Taylor in town. Her property line is at the path to the public beach and she always has guards patrolling the area. It’s making it such a hassle.”

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, 61, was seen picking out old cigarette butts in a public ashtray outside of a studio in Los Angeles and smoking them back in his BMW. GROSS!!!!

Janet Jackson spent 40 minutes spraying down the window, her chair, tray table, phone and even the wall on a first-class British Airways flight from London to LA last Friday, in front of passengers including Victoria Beckham. “Janet had anti-bacterial spray, and was pulling one tissue out of a bag after another,” says a source. Um, you’re a billionaire and married one so why doesn’t’ she have a private jet????

Another baby on the way for a Hanson brother!! Zac and his wife are expecting their third child!!! I feel old LOL.  Isaac has 2 kids and Taylor has 5!! Hanson has a new CD in June coming out.

Last night was the big concert benefit “Boston Strong: An Evening of Support and Celebration” to support victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. New Kids on the Block, Boys II Men, Aerosmith, James Taylor, Carole King, Jimmy Buffett, Jason Aldean, Dane Cook and Steven Wright performed. Here is some footage and video from NKOTB/Boys II Men/98 Degrees performances at the Today show.


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