Matchbox Twenty Talk Their First Concert Cruise

This December, Matchbox Twenty will be embarking on their first, ever cruise, and they talked all about it when they hit the Acoustic Cafe.

December 6th through 9th will mark the Matchbox Twenty Cruise, a 4-day, 3-night Carnival cruise journey from Miami to Nassau, with great music along the way.  Not only is it the band’s first concert cruise, but this special event doubles as the first time they’ve been on a cruise, period.

“I haven’t decided if I’m going,” joked Rob Thomas on stage at the Acoustic Cafe.  “I’m still trying to talk Johnny Rzeznik into taking my place.”

That’s not some kind of cryptic clue that the Goo Goo Dolls will be hitting the high seas as well.  In fact, Thomas was very forthcoming with their supporting act the band is bringing onboard. “We’re gonna have the Neon Trees on there,” he confirmed.

As to why Matchbox Twenty chose to do a concert cruise, Thomas said it’s a logical extension of living the rock and roll lifestyle.  “We’ve gotta have that element of danger at a show, right?” he explained.  “But this is one of those times where we’re all gonna get on a boat, we’re gonna head out into the ocean… Now I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news lately, but there’s pirates, there’s boats just turning right over… all kinds of stuff happening.  There’s a lot of danger that we’ve never quite had at a show before.”

“But for me,” he added jokingly.  “Part of that danger is whether or not I’m gonna vomit during the intro to ‘Push.'”

The band is very aware they will be on the Carnival Cruise boat with some of their biggest fans, and they are very open to hanging out with those fans in this intimate setting.  “We’ve never been on one of these before,” Thomas said.  “[But] you’ll be drinking, and we’ll be drinking, and I’m sure at some point we’ll all drink together.”

The seaward journey will be the end of Matchbox Twenty’s current tour, and Thomas said he couldn’t imagine a better way to tie this year off.  “For us, it’s kind of the end of our year, it’s the end of this cycle,” he explained.  “When it came up, we were like, ‘What seems like a fun way that we’ve never really ended a cycle before, before we head off into whatever our next stage is?’ It seemed like a good idea to just be on a boat for three days, drinking.”

“A cruise is one of those things where I always say over and over that you can’t pay me to be on a cruise, but apparently you can,” he continued.  “It’s turned out to be a really fun thing.”

–Bill Sencio, 96.5 TIC/ Hartford

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