By Gina J

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa Gorga called in for an interview with Gina J to talk all about her appearance at the Ultimate White Party, going down tomorrow night at Shrine at MGM Grand at Foxwoods.  Gorga talked about her upcoming book, her husband Joe’s new look and lots more insight from her life as a Real Housewife.

Tomorrow night is the Ultimate White Party at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods’ Shrine, and Melissa Gorga will be coming down along with her husband Joe.  They had such a great time last year, they had to make a return appearance this year… although Melissa will be the one dressing them both.

“I dress Joe for everything,” she explained.  “He does not shop, it’s not his thing. Joe is like, construction workaholic– he works all day from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to sleep… I’m the fashionista of the house.”

“If it were up to him, he’d come in jeans and a black t-shirt,” she joked of the White Party.

Fans of the couple from TV will get to meet them both in person at the party, as Gorga asserts she’s always happy to meet them face to face.  “I’m very welcoming to the fans, I always take pictures and always talk to everyone,” she said.  “I would never come all the way out there and not talk to people.”

Gorga has had a positive response from her fans, with very few inapproprioate or crazy questions… although she’s had some odd requests on where fans want to get her autograph. “Some people want me to sign their foreheads, or little girls ask me to sign their brand new sneakers… I’m like ‘Where’s your mother??’,” she recalled.  “So sometimes I get weird requests on where to sign.”

An All White Party may not seem like the ideal venue for Joe, who became embroiled in the mystery of the “Black S***” recently, lack hairspray that caused him some embarrassment.   “Joe shaved his head, he looks so good, I love it,” said Melissa.  “He reminds me of Vin Diesel.”

It’s a huge step up from the hairspray that left its mark everywhere previously, and Melissa couldn’t be happier with the change.  “I said ‘You’re not gonna need it [the spray], I want you to be like Vin Diesel and shave your head.’  You would be surprised how many men use that spray, but it’s very messy. I can’t believe how much it spread! Him owning up to it made everybody laugh.”

In addition to the show and her music career, Melissa also has a book coming out in September called Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot & Happy Marriage.  She explained that the book came about on its own, as she started talking to her fans about her love, life and family.  “Everywhere I go, everybody comes to us and says they love the relationship Joe and I have, and a lot of people ask how we keep it so fresh and sexy and have that flirtatious kind of relationship,” she said.  “I put all my tips down, and I truly believe that when you treat your man like the king and let you ego go, and don’t have an ego with your husband… in return you will be the queen of the house.”

“That’s what I talk about in this book,” she continued.  “It’s the motto– it’s about letting your ego down when you’re with your husband, allowing him to treat you like the queen, because you’re treating him like the king, so he WANTS to treat you like the queen.”

But there’s a bit more to the book that a list of tips.  “There’s a couple bedroom things in there– Joe would love to call it 50 Shades of Gorga, but I wouldn’t let him,” Melissa joked.  “It’s got a lot about my life, and how I grew up and why marriage is so important to me.  I think everyone’s gonna love this book.”

The Gorgas are the breakout stars of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and many fans have wondered if they would move past the show into their own spinoff, to further spotlight their relationship and how they balance work and family and their passions.  Melissa isn’t sure she wants to go that route, but she’s open to the idea.  “You never know, there have been talks, so we’ll see,” she said, before adding  “Sometimes it’s very stressful to have a show that just concentrates on you and your husband. It’s heavy and you have to be extremely strong for it. So many couples from reality shows go in a negative direction, and my main goal is that my family stays strong and Joe and I stay strong through everything, because it’s a lot to deal with. We have three little kids, and we have a life outside the Real Housewives of New Jersey, so it’s a lot. We take as much as we can handle.”

Gorga is much more interested in the idea of sharing the spotlight with some of her fellow Housewives from around the country, especially her favorites, the Housewives of Beverly Hills.  “I love watching the Beverly Hills ladies,” she said.  “Watching that part of the world and the beautiful houses and the warmness… it makes me want to move there.  I sit on the couch and watch them and say ‘Why are we here? It’s raining and it’s cold and I’m freezing, they’re sitting there outside having a salad in the balcony in the middle of November.'”

“I’m waiting for Angie to say ‘OK, we’re gonna mix the cast up, we’re gonna take some of the Beverly Hills, some of the Atlanta, we’re gonna put them all in one city together.’ I’m waiting for that,” Gorga continued.  “I think it’s gonna happen a couple years down the road.  Take the top one from each town, put them together, and that would be a show and a half.”

–Bill Sencio, 96.5 TIC/ Hartford


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