By Christine Lee

It’s not every day someone from Hartford is the star of a worldwide viral video, but that’s what WFSB’s Scot Haney is dealing with today.

After eating (what he thought were) Grape Nuts off the floor — gross enough!! — live on the air, he soon realized it wasn’t food at all. It was part of his cat’s puke! YUCK!

A long-time friend of Craig & Company, Haney called in to talk about the incident and made it clear this is NOT a stunt to try and get ratings:

Cat Puke Haney!

I am. I am Cat Haney.

Forget about what you thought it was… Why would you eat anything off the floor?!

My mother raised us like a pack of wolves. If it is food, you eat it! You don’t let anything go to waste!

I heard dog puke is nuttier. It has a nuttier aroma and flavor.

I have to try that. That’s coming up on tomorrow’s show because everybody thinks I’m doing this for a ratings stunt. Yes, I eat cat puke for ratings

So did you carry your shoes into the studio? Is that how the cat puke didn’t fall off in the parking lot?

No! It got stuck between the heel and the wedge… little pieces of it. I must have stepped in it when it was completely moist. It was like poop! It just stayed on the shoe!

Do you realize out of all the things you have done in your career, this one video has gone viral?

It’s in London, it was on the Today show, I think it’s coming up on CBS News… they called and asked how to say my name. I am like, “Because I ate cat puke on the air? This is what’s making me famous?! Alright.”

John says if you want to do a wine pairing you can’t beat a Chardonnay from California, because that also tastes like crap.

Yuck. I am telling you it was the most disgusting— I put it in my mouth and I was like, “Ew.” It was moist, it tasted acidic, and I am like, “What is that taste?!” I am going to throw up.


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