By Gina J

Selena Gomez has had a busy week, between multiple TV appearances, and her tour, including a stop at Mohegan Sun.  Gina J caught up with the singer/ actress backstage and she explained why she’s shifting her focus to acting, what she does on her downtime and more.

While she’s presently on tour, performing to sold out venues across the nation, Selena Gomez is planning to switch gears soon, to focus once again on acting.  The multi-talented performer feels it’s a good time to really focus in that direction right now.  “I like to balance both,” she explained of her dual careers.  “I enjoy both so much but I have to give one more attention than the other. I’ve had really beautiful opportunities, and I work really hard, and I’d like to continue to do both.”

Gomez has some new film projects in early development now, but despite her young age she’s already had quite a few major acting credits.  What are her favorites?  “I loved Monte Carlo, because it was a really cute movie and I got to meet amazing people on it,” she said.  “I loved Spring Breakers, because that was a completely different kind of movie, but it was good for me as an artist to stretch and see how far I could take it in my own comfort zone.”

Spring Breakers was definitely a step outside what most people would expect from the Disney star, but she was never worried that her fans would doubt her– she had faith in them, to have faith in her.  “I don’t think a lot of people gave my fans the credit they deserve,” she recalled.  “We had screenings and they understand I get to play a character.  They see me every day, on stage or staying connected with them.  They know it’s not me, and they were actually really supportive and proud of me for doing something completely different and stretching.”

Photo Credit: Tristano Korlou, 96.5 TIC

Photo Credit: Tristano Korlou, 96.5 TIC

Gomez’s Spring Breakers co-star James Franco is currently being petitioned by Britney Spears to play Christian Grey in the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie, since former star Charlie Hunnam dropped out.  Another name in the casting mix is Selena’s Monte Carlo co-star Luke Bracey, but she would she choose for the role?  It’s  a tough role to cast,” she said.  “There’s been so many people that have been offered, but I’d have Shia LaBeouf, he’s my crush.”

Selena is also good friends with another pop star of the moment, Taylor Swift, but she admits their time together is much less glamorous than people might imagine.  “We just sit at home in her kitchen and bake things that aren’t really good for us, but we eat them and dance around in our kitchen,” she admitted.  “We’ve been able to see each other in some fun places, but we’re usually in her kitchen.”

Gomez is clearly talented in many different aspects, with fashion, acting, and music… but she has other passions she would still love to follow.  “I’d love to take a culinary class one day, and learn how to get really good at cooking,” she said.  “I love to eat, but I’d like to get better at cooking the food I eat.”

–Bill Sencio, 96.5 TIC/ Hartford

photo3 Selena Gomez Talks Favorite Movie Roles, 50 Shades & More


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