By Gina J

Yesterday I showed you the Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes I made for a 2 year old’s birthday… well, I also made the Sesame Street characters as cake pops!  Here’s how…

securedownload (19)

When I started making cake pops they were a bit difficult at first.  You bake a cake and then when it’s cool you crumb the cake.  Then mix frosting into the cake and mix it together… you have to be careful you don’t put too much frosting in the mix or the cake pop will fall off the stick when you’re dipping it into the melted chocolate.  To make the Elmo cake pops I used Wilton’s red chocolate melts but instead of dipping the cake pop I used a butter knife and patted the chocolate on the pop to give it a fur look.  The edible eyes can be purchased at the grocery store in the baking aisle or at a craft store.  Use a dab of chocolate to place the eyes on and then the same to apply the orange jelly bean.  I didn’t put a mouth on these but you could by using fondant or half of a mini Oreo cookie.

securedownload (20)

The Cookie monster cake pops are similar to the Elmo cake pops I made.  I used Wilton’s blue chocolate melts and used a butter knife to pat on the chocolate instead of dipping the cake pop.  This gave it the “fur look”.  I used the same edible candy eyes and then I attached a small piece of chocolate chip cookie with melted chocolate.  I cut up the cookies I already had but you can use cookie crisp cereal or mini chips ahoy cookies.


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