John Elliott Talks To John Elliott

Image courtesy WCBS, 96.5 TIC

Image courtesy WCBS, 96.5 TIC

Our own John Elliott was on the line this morning… with John Elliott!  Yes, here in the wonderful world of CBS we have multiple John Elliott’s, such as John Elliott from WCBS 880 in New York, who dialed in today.  Check out the conversation with the John’s Elliott on their first encounter!

“As a guy named John Elliott, it is a total thrill– and kind of crazy– to say hello to a guy named John Elliott,” said New York John.  “I’m on radio, that John Elliott is on radio… he’s better looking than me…”

Strange as it may sound, both John’s work for CBS Radio, live within two hours of one another, and have never met until this morning.  But our John has certainly heard of his name-sharing co-worker… and he’s haunted by him whenever he travels.  “Do you know the trouble you’ve caused me around the world, when I go on vacation and I say CBS, they say ‘Oh, you’re the John Elliott, two L’s, two T’s from New York, right?'”

“You’re lying,” said NY John.  “They don’t even know me at the mall in New Jersey!”

New York John does all the weather for CBS in Manhattan, and he’s been doing it for 37 years.  “I still am in awe, and have such great respect… 37 years, and still loved and beloved, and when they called me yesterday and offered me $10 to do this, I said absolutely!”

So how similar are the two John’s?  Gary and Christine put them to the test…

Does New York John only frequent 9-star hotels?  “Mine, there’s a 6 involved, and there’s usually a ‘Motel’ in front of it.”

Does NY John consider himself an expert in both grammar and wine pairing?  “Well, I kind of married a wino, and I hate dangling participles.”

That’s one for two… what’s next?

Is NY John nearly bald?  “Sorry John, I’ve got the hair of an 18 year old, and he wants it back– it’s a hairpiece.”

So we’re two out of three when it comes to similarities… but the real make-or-break comes from middle names.  Our John’s middle name is Steven… what about New York John?  “Mine is ‘R’ for ‘Ross,’ but I have a brother named Steven!”

What’s next for the John’s Elliott?  Possibly going out on the road, seeking out more John Elliott’s and holding a convention!  In the meantime you can hear NY John on WCBS 880 each morning, and all of us in Connecticut can tune in to our John, in all his balding, 9-star, grammatically correct glory, each weekday morning on Craig and Company!

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