Colbie Caillat Recalls Her World Series Pre-National Anthem Butterflies

28 year old singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat is no stranger to performing on the big stage, but when she took the field to perform the national anthem before game three of the World Series last month, she admitted that even Grammy Award winners can catch a case of the nerves!

“That was one of the most nauseating feelings,” she revealed in her interview with Gina J. “It was really fun and I am so glad I did it, but when I was standing out there, I was so mad at myself for putting myself in that position because it is really is scary! I wanted to run off the field, I wanted to throw up, I wanted to cry… it was all these mixed emotions!”

There have been many notable national anthem flubs by big name recording artists in the past, and they are not quickly forgotten! (Steven Tyler messing up of the words before the 2012 AFC Championship game, Christina Aguilera changing around the words before Super Bowl XLV, and Michael Bolton reading the words off his hand before a Yankees/ Red Sox game always comes to mind…) Even James Taylor caught some heat when he started to sing “America the Beautiful” instead of the national anthem before game two of this years’ World Series!

“You practice it hundreds of times and you know the lyrics, but when you are out there and you have fifty thousand people in front of you watching, and you have two cameras directly in your face, and it’s cold, and there is a delay with the stadium that you are singing at… all these things you factor in,” Caillat continued. “I was shaking!  I was hoping that I didn’t skip a part, or forget a lyric, or my voice cracks, or something like that… Once I got through it, and the crowd was awesome, it was worth it!”

–Tyler Roman, 96.5 TIC/ Hartford

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