By Annie Reuter

Whether your radio dial is turned to an alternative radio station or a Top 40 one, at some point you’ll probably hear American Authors‘ new song “Best Day of My Life.” In fact, the Brooklyn by way of Boston band is counting on it. “We embrace any platform that picks up the song,” bassist Dave Rublin told “It shows that it can transcend what anybody would normally categorize it as.”

But the band’s current single is not only being played on the radio. It was recently featured in the Vince Vaughn film, Delivery Man, a promo for MLB Fan Cave and a Lowe’s commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

“I think with any art, it’s just putting yourself out there and hope people can connect with it,” guitarist and banjo player James Adam Shelley said.

Many have found a connection with the feel good vibes of “Best Day of My Life” where the guys sing about living it up. They’re touching the clouds, howling at the moon and just generally grabbing life by the balls, singing, “No limits just epiphanies.”

The guys seem to have a knack for writing anthems including their debut single “Believer,” which urges fans to look optimistically towards the future.

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